Ultimate MVC3 X-Factor Defense Air Combo Breaker Infinite Breaker Please Thread!


If there Ever were a time where everyone needs to get together for an Idea(s) or Solution for one of the most Video Gaming Nightmare, Finding a way to neutralize X-Factor would be it.We need to project our ideas here Most importantly SO THAT we’ll actually have a chance to possibly see it actually be accepted by Capcom and be put under there ULTIMATE MVC3 Project, Let your voices be Heard lets compile a list of Reasons, things, Websites, player feedback, good Idea, Bad Idea all in one area where a Capcom Officials can come to, to help ease the quarrel of having to look here and there so let me continue on to where I’d like to go with this Idea:
The other reason I decided to do this is because I believe that i have one of the most Defensive teams in MVC3 and even then that still won’t be “Enough” :


  1. Weasel shot assist and cross counter invinsibility to get those cheap long range chip damage players before they get you(Domammu Akuma, Sentinel Drones etc.)
  2. His Vortex in Demon Mode has Super Invincibilty
  3. Demon mode lets him heal while not having to jump in a Char. with red health damage
  4. his level 3 Hyper has excellent invincibility and can win over alot of other Hypers
  5. his Airplay keeps him in the air longer just in case a player decides to use a forward beam/ projectile

C. Viper:

  1. Thunder knuckle Hyper has tons of invincibility( even beats out Spencer’s Bionic Arm)
  2. her EX TK eats up many projectiles
  3. she has 8 way air dash, a double jump,
  4. air burn kick cancel to get that extra advantage on beam Hypers that keeps her in the air longer and land behind the opponent,
    5.I keep her in 2nd spot to DHC for safety to protect the other 2


  1. of course his shield barrier to protect against projectiles good assist
  2. has decent flight (instant flight) to stay away from Low Attack spammers that win out
  3. Hyper combo that has invincible good enough to DHC into another good invincibility Hyper (C. Vipers TK ) … all this and the NEW technology that I’ve discovered makes me to believe my team is one if not the most Defensive with good balance of offense!

and all my characters have anti L. Attack tactics (which leads to more spamming and eventually a kill combo)… also if anyone could recommend me of a good capture card I will release my new technology and how it will work so well with Defense Factor


[INDENT=1][LEFT]Defense X-Factor Activation Pros:[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1](Also known as D-Factor)[/INDENT]

(Hopefully if they keep present XFC we’ll also get
this 2nd mode Defensive type X-Factor)

If Capcom hadn’t already thought of this,
feel free to reply Capcom

[INDENT=3](Current Ideas)[/INDENT]
Ability to neautralize Damage vs present XFC build

  1. Combo Breaker-Ability to break a combo (air or ground) and return to
    block state or “Un Hit State” you’ll only get one Defense Factor or newly designer meter build
    system designed just for D-Factor alone each character can build 1 bar through
    absorbing hit stun (well designed for people who love to block 10+ series of moves
    " Special" defense characters might might have abillities to gain more
    and you’ll get to choose in the character select screen)

  2. Gives Defense boost - resist Damage or Health
    Boost (Increase)

  3. Tech from Grab/throws more easily Knockdown Recovery
    (faster wake up/ Roll) Wall Bounce Recovery

  4. Maybe bring out unique defensive moves for instance:
    Street Fighter Characters such as Ryu are instantly
    Allowed Parrying or maybe Farther Push Back ability

  5. Dedicated players of MVC Series won’t just lose to
    Nubes After training for months just by X Factor and
    Chip to Death (Akuma)(Dark Phoenix)(Domammu…and so on

  6. Now most if not all Character has a chance to stand a living
    chance against -Phoenix with XFC on
    and not just certain “Teams” emphasis on Teams

  7. 1,200,000+ Damage combos has a reason to be used
    due to Defense Factor Health Boost/ Resistance
    making combos fun but breakable ( only once or as few times
    Defense factor is allowed)

  8. the new Fun and Hype Factor will increase Dramatically
    what this change can establish EVO2012 will never be the Same cause this time around there will be a ball busting mind exploding, sugar Shocking, crazy, hectic , dramatic and lets not forget Hyped up moments of our lives! or atleast in fighting game or gaming history for that matter


Defense XFC cons:
(none at the moment)

What are your Ideas…?

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You’re new. I’m relatively new too, it’s okay.

You should probably check out the thread about hitstun deterioration in Ultimate – hell, just Ultimate changes in general – before even posting this kind of thing. Combos are looking shorter on average.

X-Factor is fine as it is (‘as it is’ being ‘with the incoming changes’). Also, combos over 1m still have a reason to be used – ‘one-shot Thors, Hulks, Skrulls, Ryus, (hopefully) Nemesises, (hopefully) PWrights, etc’.


Honestly I personally won’t mind the idea, it adds a certain layer to the game. I mean on one hand someone like phoenix could blow her x-factor to escape a potentially killing combo, but then she won’t have lvl 3 x-factor when she goes dark so its a trade off. With that said, I don’t see this ever happening, everyone and their mother didn’t want combo breakers in marvel 3 and I doubt that sentiment would have changed.


na. i don’t want any combo breakers.


So if someone caught your character on the way in ant is about to do a Touch of Death combo with full Health you wouldn’t want a chance to break that? youll only get One of it with different levels of duration just like Reg. XFC or meter system of it 3 meters max one for each team member… after all Ultimate MVC3 is gonna be a new game right, so how is this suppose to be a game if new players get blown up at with no way to defend themselves, the game wouldn’t even be playable, check out this link I’m new so I don’t know if its pemisable to post links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWeqb3JGkV0 …see how they came up with the idea behind XFC?


If you’re coming in on a character that already has 3 bars and x-factor, you fucked up waaaaay before you came in. So if you fuck up again and guess wrong thats on you bro. Lol @ breakers. So once you break, and then they’re at you again…then what?

You fucking scrubs are the worst.


combo breakers? no thanks


Thats besides the point…what is a breaker going to do in this engine? This isnt like Tekken where a rolling knockdown gives you a chance to think of a new plan. A breaker in this game would be the equivilent to a TAC/pushblock.

So once you blow your one breaker, Mag-fucking-neto is on your ass again. And THEN what?

I mean you guys are going to lose no matter what. Whats the point in asking for shit that delays your loss? You’re not going to be become awesome at this game just because you have breakers.


thats where the benefit of the Defense Factor comes in Duh! it gives you a Defense Boost meaning resist damage making it miniscule and you don’t want to fall prey to button tapping on the way in is the reason for Combo breakers Duh! your obvious a cheap runnaway chip damage player or a rushdown grab once you get chance to player if you love Combo’s so much then do it on a Defense Factor Player idiot!


sees your join date of today

reports your thread to moderators for trolling


If it cost an entire XF to break a combo I’d have no problems with it, can’t say I’m going out of my way to get it in there tough.


idk i see what this guy is saying. Breakers I don’t think would work for the game, but some way to combat lvl-3 x-factor w/o just blowing your own x-factor would be awesome. This game’s dmg is insane W/O x-factor but add it when one person is on the verge of losing and the match just ends even faster w/ a boring and unsatisfying abcs>ab>super. It really killed this game for me.

My personal idea, was–regarding chip–when you’re on ur last pixel of life left, chip can’t kill. Instead, it chips away at your remaining red life, and when THAT goes down to the bottom, your last pixel of health can be chipped for the kill. I think it’s perfect tbh. Chip kills are so sad. This would basically reduce chip damage by 50% (against full-life chars), but you’d have a visual of how much blocking you have to do before being forced to take an offensive risk (the visual cue being ur red life).

This game needs more defensive options to go up against the insane damage AND continuously-powering-up-over-the-course-of-the-match x-factor. Real talk.

TL;DR: Red life should be chipped before a character dies.


XF is broken as fuck as it is. It doesn’t need even more uses.


But the thing that makes no sense (and quite frankly shows you have no concept of the system in the first place) is that

2-3 hits of lvl 3 X-factor from some characters is already 35-50% of health on many medium health characters, so essentially you’ll be breaking after the first few hits…AND THEN WHAT? Now you have half life still. Now Hulk’s going to hit you two more times and finish you off since you have no breaker.

Besides the developers already said X-factor was getting normalized for the cast so some didnt have dramatic speed and damage buffs over the rest of the cast.

So I’m left wondering why this thread exists. Breakers work in Mortal Kombat because there is no X-factor, just long winded juggles. So it makes sense. Breaking Hulk’s combo halfway through, and now you have a sliver of health left, its just ridiculous. You’re not making sense at all.


Its main focus is to break Death Combos to make the game Playable… I’m just saying how can you play if the other player masters the Art of magic series L. Attack you can try to push block but I like the straight up block then counter the Heavy attack not push them back or overhead attacks that lead to a DHC or XFC to kill your #1 Charater? and if you play one of the most evasive/ elusive teams out there? and this is for all the pad players out there that wonders if its just them or is it the thumb stick thats giving them a hard response to block high then low really fast.


Learn to block.


Thanks I’m glad you asked… OK, well I mentioned up above under Defense Factor Pros that combo breaker breaks your opponents combo but doesn’t blow them across the screen or sen them twirling in mid air or makes them tech out its gonna be something like what they ( CAPCOM) was trying to incorporate in an earlier build where you can counter a team arial combo but the difference is that you have a chance to either block, counter with L,M, or Heavy or do nothing at all depending on where their attack recovery is (so it acts more like an instant block rather than a Breaker) but still judging on how you act upon it or how they do cause they could still command moves after that and so can you but you’ll get a better chance at countering after a Heavy Attack.


you should see me now… I assigned L2 to none just so when I press on it, it makes my thumb jerk the thumb stick exactly from Down Back to back as easy as that sounds, why would I need to do that just to make it easier to block high then low Idk but it seems that no matter how hard I try to block with thumbstick it fails me and remember I’m a defensive player so blocking should be no problem to me and I’d like to add that I had NO Problems blocking in MVC2 with the PS2 now I’m Having Problems with blocking low with MVC3 on PS3


thats is actually a real good idea I actually thought of red life chip damaged one time before and I say yes to More Defensive Options CAPCOM!


Go play BlazBlue.