Ultimate SFIV Tournament Package on eBay


Stick, Vinyl, Grab Bag, etc

Also my work has a UPS facility in the back so shipping will be super fast.

Also if anyone wants to hit me up on xBox for some rounds let me know!



Whoever gets that is lucky. I’m so jealous. :crybaby:


Very cool stuff.

But too bad that you are not Member of SRK for at least Six Months yet.
You cannot Sell or Trade or Advertise if you do not have Six Months passed Join Date.

August Members get to sell starting February.

So I think you should Edit your Post and delete of everything.
You will be Infracted.

No wonder you been making a lot of Post in other Threads since October 7, 2009.
You wanted to get to Fifty Posts to be allowed to make Thread in Trading Outlet.
All your Posts are like two minutes from each other.

No good man.