Ultimate Showstopper:Cerebella Video Thread

Hello all Cerebella users, while I hate creating threads, I noticed there is no Cerebella video thread, and that’s a goddamn shame, a shame I HAD to rectify.

So, here you go.


If people want videos of exceptional Cerebella play on the first page, I’ll do so, for now, just post your video, and where you live.

To get this started, here’s one of me.

I know my biggest problem is damage conversion, if anyone else sees any glaring weakness, please point them out.


Weird, I was wondering why we didn’t have a video thread just yesterday.

The only glaring weakness I could see were the 360s during the cerebella mirror situations. Your tick setups could use some practice I think, and you almost always use j.HK though in some situations j.MP would do better. /twocents

So… does this mean I can use my camera to record matches I have online and post them here? SWEET! I’m going to spend a good majority of my time waiting for that damned Youtube upload bar.

5 frames of ggpo delay crush tick throw setups to hell.

I’ll try to incorporate jumping strong more.

I know that feel…


Ma~n, using assist looks so easy and rewarding at the same time. It’s like a free pass to not be careful. Anyway, lets try this critique thing.

I like the look of those grab bag resets. I don’t really like your corner combos; they are alright, but I don’t think they are getting much damage. Unless I’m wrong: guestemating has never been my strong point. Hell, I can’t even read lips… ahem. Back on topic. You also need to work on them to get them a little more consistent. not just your corner combos, but the mid screen ones too. A lot of these matches would have been over quicker had you used the combos you showed yourself capable of. Also, you can punish val’s c.hp with c.lp. Not sure if you didn’t know or had a mis-input. Sorry if this isn’t very helpful, “Hit your buttons better”, but it’s hard to help when you post video of you dominating.

I really like the look of that bnb, care to post it in the combo thread?

(Will post actual constructive shit later, it’s like 5 in the morning)

Also, Zidane’s right, we can’t see your weaknesses if the guy you’re playing is getting steamrolled, he never one once, he never even got you into a setup.

The guy I’m playing hasn’t had as much time with the game as me, but there’s so few australians on xbl. If I can get some matches with bksama it’ll be a bit more telling.

I’ve been in the lab a little exploring better bnb options, but I think run-stops are going to end up being what I have to put work into for midscreen and corner, it’s just too versatile to ignore.

I’m trying to upload a video, but it’s too long. How do you get youtube to let you post long videos?

god damn i wish i had some kind of video recording setup just played 36 matches against a rushdown filia/parasoul team with solobella, with filia backed with tear shot assist the pressure was incredible, but i somehow managed to make it an even 16 games to 16. sooooo many close matches and epic comebacks it was incredible.

Glad you made a video thread. I didn’t want to be the one, but I would have if we went without one for any much longer.


Here’s the first part, the lag is pretty obvious in places.










Pretty quiet in here. I redid the previous video with my capture card. I’m thinking of just recording a bunch of combos from the combo thread next.


Since Austin_QED is banned, can someone ask a mod to give control of this thread to them?

i dont think that is really neccessary to be honest. people can just keep posting vids and then we talk about them.