Ultimate Spencer: UMvC3 changelog (Now official!)



A topic to confirm, discuss and catalogue Spencer’s changes to Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Here are all the known and official changes and tweaks to Spencer( 27/10/2011 official change log) :

New move:

(in air) :qcf::s:- Death From Above. Spencer does a falling smash with his bionic arm, kinda like Phoenix’s j.:d::h:. Said to hit otg (further information needed) and can juggle/launch on hit.
This move comes out pretty slowly, so you can’t exactly combo into it easily.


  • Increased movement speed of Zip Line.

  • Spencer will float higher during Zip Kick.

  • Slightly decreased initial startup of Armor Piercer.


Reserved, just in case.


That zipline nerf is gay.


Death from Above causes a ground bounce on a grounded opponent. Check out the first UMvC3 trailer for confirmation.


Hmm… doesn’t look like a ground bounce like Hulk’s st.:h: or Dante’s Killer Bee. Looks like it just pops the opponent off the ground like Wesker’s gunshot. (but with a bigger window to followup).


Why does Death from Above need to be assigned to :s:? It’s not like any other motions are taken.sigh I can hope it works similar to armor piercer in that startup changes depending on distance but I don’t count on it.


Yeah it doesn’t really look like a groundbounce to me.

Hawkingbird, I believe all new moves are done with S, as a global thing.


Just finished watching the IPW Norcal Vs Capcom stream. According to Seth Killian, you can indeed combo into DFA by yourself. He gave an example of doing a standard Air Combo (j.mmhs) but instead of landing and doing OTG Wire Grapple, you do DFA and crash down on your opponent from the air and possibly relaunch.

Seth said Death From Above was given to Spencer to give him a good offensive tool that hits directly below him, a thing the Capcom team thought Spencer was lacking in Vanilla.

Oh, he also said it’s super safe on block.


Ah. I am perfectly okay with that. I somehow missed when he was talking about this, but it’s good news.

And is it just me/some other people, or do his ziplines look a little faster?


Might be, kinda seemed that way unless my eyes deceive me. Guess we’ll have to wait for that changelog action.


I can’t tell if his zips look faster or the same by itself, but I do think he looks faster in xfactor.


That zipline looks so much faster. imo its pretty obvious.


They do look faster… It wasn’t like that in previous builds of Ultimate… We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.


Yeah, I immediately noticed a speed boost looking at that clip. Hopefully that means diagonal follow-ups for combos are still possible; if the only nerf is not being able to do overheads off diagonals it’ll stink but Spencer will still be really strong.


Here’s hoping for that changelog so we can really get some concrete info on the buffs and nerfs. Sure would make this topic a lot easier.


DFA was obviously a combo-tool. Surprising to see a lot of people dismissing the move as garbage before it saw any proper usage

And maybe his zipwire being faster means that after a midscreen OTG he can land and relaunch without needing to hit them with j.S beforehand. I remember people crying nerf at the fact that his daigonal zipwire brings him straight to the ground, but it might not even be the case


I honestly don’t think it’s going to hurt his game too much; rather, it’s one of those cases where we can find an equally-effective option that might be better in the end. As vague as that sounds.

Let’s just say that we’ll just need to alter the moves. His gameplan hasn’t changed, I don’t think.


Why is there no news on Spencer? I’m hoping that no news means no changes. but Bionic arm definitely felt like it had longer start up at evo.


I hope not.


I think people hit them with j.S before they land so that they don’t flip out. if you just do armor piercer as soon as you land then it’s a non-issue. but if you wnt to relaunch you need that extra hit stun. which is what j.S if for.