Ultimate Spider-Man for GBA: Guilty of Blatant Theft

Semi here!

I was recently playing the Gameboy Advance version of Ultimate Spider-Man (I don’t have the console version… sue me) when I stumbled upon something VERY familiar.

First of all, the game was developed b Vicarious Visions, the company that makes the Tony Hawk games for the GBA. In other words, the character sprites were made from 2D polygonal models. However, once I got to the Venom levels, I noticed something strange when I did a crouching attack…

Is it just me, or did Vicarious Visions “borrow” Venom’s fierce punch sprites from Marvel vs. Capcom and tweak them slightly?

You decide.

Semi out!

yes, but Ive seen Venom do that long before MVC. Tough call. I say they ripped it though:lol: