Ultimate Spiderman to begin airing this April


The new Spiderman animated series is set to air this April, and from what I’ve gathered so far, the show’ll have a lot of supporting/guest characters, including

]SpiderHam and Throg/Frog Thor[/spoiler


Here’s the premise from Wikipedia:

Newsarama recently released images of some of the supporting cast in the show if anyone’s interested-

[spoiler=]Nu Nova Corps outfit, and Luke Cage wearing the new PowerMan’s outfit. Also Iron Fist~[/details]

Paul Dini (Batman TAS) is one of the writer’s on the show BTW.

Also, if you want to talk about Spectacular Spiderman, maybe take it up in this thread

Gotta say lots of fun shows this Spring: Avengers Season 2, Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, DC Nation (featuring Teen Titans shorts!) and Thundercats.


I feel like not watching this show simply because Spectacular Spiderman should not have been canceled.


It’s gonna be real hard to top Spectacular Spider-man for me…but I’ll still check this show out and give it a chance.


Lookin forward to this. I mean…Nova and Iron Fist? Holy shit!

Richard Rider…/salute


I’m still pissed over Spectacular Spiderman being canceled.


why does nova look like a 12 yr old boy in a halloween costume?


I’m in total agreement that Spectacular Spiderman shouldn’t have been canceled. That was the best Spider-Man animated series yet. Wolverine and the X-Men was another great show too.

I’ll check out this new show since the cancellation left a void, but the comparisons to Spectacular Spider-Man are going to be inevitable.


amazing spider man was the best comic book series ive read


I’m pretty psyched to see Iron Fist on the team, I’ve been wanting him to get more media exposure since reading “The Immortal Iron Fist”. Kinda weird that they’re going with the “everyone is a teen superhero” angle, but I guess it could still be good. I’m gonna give it a chance.


Every Spiderman cartoon ended prematurely…shame.

I’m only hyped because of SpiderHam…he deserves his own show.


I noticed, though I gotta say the Nova Ed McGuinnes drew did look like a kid:


weird. out of all artists ed drew a kid sized nova…he usually draws people huge lol.


Lol I know right. Totally not what I’d expect from Ed.

The show looks pretty interesting, I’ll check it out for sure.


I still miss Spectacular Spider Man. However, any show that has Iron Fist–which has become a completely amazing character thanks to Brubaker’s run on Immortal Iron Fist–is something that I will watch. I guess having Spidey be in it is a bonus too.


I didn’t watch Spectacular Spiderman much. I still miss the cell shaded Spidey show that aired on MTV. Only lasted 13 episodes.

To be fair, as someone said, every Spidey show gets canned prematurely… for whatever reason.

Well except Spiderman Unlimited. Hated that one.


I wonder if Paul has the balls to eventually kill Peter Parker off and replace him with Miles Morales. I’d love to see that just for the public poo-poo’s.

Either way, show looks good, I’ll give it a shot.


Have little hope fo rthis due to Loeb being invovled. Even going as far as creating the Kid Nova and naming him after his son in both this and the comics.


Loeb was involved with the Avengers cartoon wasn’t he? That show turned out great. Whatever involvement he has is barely notice-able.

The show has Paul Dini writing on it, the man worked on Batman TAS, why are some worried about this show?

Anyway, here’s some footage of the show if anyone’s interested at a sneak peak-


wtf? lol did they just bring back spider-man and his amazing friends under a new label?


ultimate spiderman trailer


I really need to catch up all these animated series