Ultimate Stick?


As many of you know I started as a stick builder.
All info when I started came from srk forums. I made plenty of custom sticks, both for selling and using and it is something that was a lot of fun but after a while it became too much and I had to stop, time was a problem among other things.

Now, several years later, I want to build something again but this time I will work only with the ideas and design and let professional companies do the work, and I would like other people to join me in making the ?ultimate? stick.

What I am looking for to get made:

  • Aluminium case (with the color you want).
  • Metal control panel.
  • Quality artwork (gameongrafix.com?)
  • Anti slip mat on bottom.
  • The output on the back (usb, rj45 or what ever) will be custom made, more info on it later.
  • Cables for wiring stick and buttons will be included also, professional made of course.
  • Bag for stick will be made and shipped in, no box.
    Design is up to you.

If you are interested please send PM and I will make a list.
After I have gotten about 20-25 people that are interested the offer will be closed.

Prototype will be made first so people will see ;).

Now to some questions:

  1. What design do you like? Please post pics of sticks you like and comment on what you like about it.
  2. What size for the case do you prefer?
  3. Button layout?
  4. What parts do you want it to be able to hold?
  5. Do you want to remove the control panel from the top or from the bottom (screws will be used in both cases)?
  6. What do you want on the back of the stick (usb, rj45, 4PDT-switch et.c)?
  7. Anything else please let me know.

**People interested:

  1. NRX
  2. FullMetalRoss
  3. Spektrum
  4. Jdm714
  5. WildWon
  6. FA-MAS
  7. Mufasa2
  8. Latin00032
  9. Fireatwill
  10. Butteroj
  11. BlindWithOneArm
  12. CesarNYC
  13. V.wu
  14. Tyatra
  15. Etownnipples
  16. Ed1371
  17. Masturfader
  18. Spenzalii
  19. Ipitydatfu
  20. StevenTren
  21. ShonuffJonez
  22. therobin**


PS: Stick can be shipped from inside USA for cheaper shipping ;).

My personal design just as an example:



This is all just personal opinion, but…

  1. Something with quality industrial design, not just a box. A slight incline/slant would be very cool.
  2. A subcompact, larger than a Namco but smaller than the typical hulking behemoth. Konami Hyperstick is a great size.
  3. Six button Viewlix, but ideally customizable with swappable metal CPs.
  4. Sanwa and Seimitsu parts. American and Korean are cool, but would make the case too large for me.
  5. The bottom, as long as there’s full access to all parts.
  6. Probably an RJ45.
  7. Good luck!

Edit: Failing a slanted CP, a beveled wrist rest ala HRAP VX/V3-SA would be great.

  1. Same as NRX
  2. Im not a fan of smaller sticks like I thought I would be. I’d like something like 15x9 ish.
  3. Button layout? 6 Button Viewlix, But alot of people like 8 also.
  4. What parts do you want it to be able to hold? Korean sticks, American and Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.
  5. Do you want to remove the control panel from the top or from the bottom (screws will be used in both cases)? Either or? Maybe bottom better.
  6. What do you want on the back of the stick? The typical buttons and a RJ45 would be nice.
  7. Perhaps an optional layout? I know a lot of people like the standard layout. But I personally dont like the stick so close to the buttons.


I don’t see much wide Cases.
So having that be cool.

I like small Cases.
So small and wide?

6-Button is cool.
8-Button is Dick.

Why would I want Korean or American parts?

Bottom removal would probably be better.


This is to let you know what I will be on The List.


Thanks for the first inputs people and the PM´s ;).

So I should include you on the list of potential “pre-order people”?


With regards to the first item I’ve been curious for a while if there was somewhere people got such things (anti-slip mats) as I’ve seen them on a few custom sticks and was looking into it for the sticks that I’ve been accumulating.

With regards to #5 what about a panel where one of the sides was removable and then the guts of the case where able to simple slide out? May or may not be ideal but it’d be an interesting design option as I think if done right it might free up some space internally.


I don’t want to miss out this.
Because what if only twenty-five Cases will be ever made?

  1. A compartment to store the cord.
  2. A handle.


I think a case around the size of the ssf4 tes is good, it makes for a good amount of lap space for when you have to play on your lap and should make it the right weight as well.

layout like a viewlix or other standard jap layout is great.

as for taking the case apart I love simple access through bottom of teh case without having to mess with stuff, but for maximum customization you should probably do access through the top.


The (#1) HRAP V3 and the (#2) Madcatz TE are great designs, they are big enough to be worth the price tag, and use real arcade parts. Also, Voltech’s VAS-HG sticks are amazing, not to mention the pair of sticks just finished by a member on SRK who isn’t selling the cases yet… (#3)even though i want one.


(#3) FunkyP (post 13267 in the Check out my new arcade stick part deux)

  1. Button layout - make an option ?
    -Art’s replacement panels for the Madcatz/Hori/Sega sticks is really customizable.

  2. What parts do you want it to be able to hold?
    Ideally… everything, Happ/IL, Japanese, and Korean…
    -if its all “screw in” buttons then the plexi top needs to be strong enough for it and the button holes would be the option during the build process.
    -as for sticks… mounting height would be the problem, as Korean sticks and Happ sticks appear to have no middle ground, so Japanese style Sanwa/Semitsu sticks might be the limit.

  3. Removing the panel from either side dosent seem to be an issue for me, I’ve had a HRAP and a couple Madcatz SE/TE and the only issue i’ve ever had was with the 24mm buttons on the TE.

  4. On the back… Neutrik adapters for either Rj45/USB and DPDT switches are becoming less needed with the Chimp SMD, and the PS360s. wink

  5. Alot of people want their sticks to be solid and heavy, as to not move when they mash out combos… so weight options might be a consideration ?

Best of luck.


I’m game for this. Let me get some work done and i’ll answer up…

  1. I would like something with clean lines. All metal or metal/plastic (no wood).
  2. I think the width of the TE is close to perfect.
  3. Most console games can utilize 8 buttons, so I think that should be an option. Vewlix gets my vote.
  4. Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. Allowing american parts will cause the case to be too thick.
  5. Doesn’t matter to me to be honest. Just as long as it isn’t a nightmare to get to.
  6. Customizable options. Most customers would like a USB port, but some can use the RJ45.
  7. I would like to see something with good places to mount PCBs. Having a plexi top panel would be great!


My ultimate stick, really.

  1. TE-S clone in wood. When I say clone, height, dimension, width, weight.
  2. Top panel would be plexi, same size as TE.
  3. Same layout as TE (8 button vewlix).
  4. Sanwa/Sei parts only.
  5. Front of stick would have three buttons to the right, a little recessed so the buttons wouldn’t stick out.
  6. Neutrik in front center position of stick.

Basically I want a TE-S stick in wood. TE-S for size and to take artwork, while wood is for more weight.


Nice to see all the inputs on this :).

Also, the case will be aluminium, not wood, and if you have a stick in the same size as a TE maybe it would be a little heavy? Justa thought, I´ll see what is possible.
Also, the ports on the back, personally I wanted something more like USB 2.0, RJ-45, USB 3.0 4pdt et.c so make it work on the future consoles also (they may use USB 3.0, who knows, just sayin).


I’m also interested in this.

  1. RJ45 would be good to go so it would be able to support more possible cables than just the 360 and PS3
  2. Some type of easy pin out/ pre wire for other pcb’s to support Wii and older types such as Dreamcast and PS2
  3. Room for extra PCB’s or maybe even an LED controller
  4. easy access to internals. top or bottom is fine but try to get away from screws… a hinge system or somethig similar


Aluminum TE-S clone would rock! I do want weight on mine, that’s why I’m looking to replace my v1 TE with something heavier.

The Neutrik is USB:
Neutrik - Data Connectors - USB - NAUSB-W
Neutrik - Data Connectors - USB - NAUSB-W-B

This is how my current stick is now and I definitely would want this in the future. Optionally, the spacing is simply 30mm, anyone could forgo that version of Neutrik and get the RJ45 one instead.


Weight is a good thing!

That is why just making a slot for the neutrik adapter would be best. It leaves the options up to the customer. They can purchases either USB or RJ45 depending on what they want. :slight_smile:

i don’t know if the need for usb 3.0 will be needed for input controllers. lol that is a LOT of speed for simple inputs.


I agree, weight is a good thing :).

Like I wrote in the first post the stick will most likely have my custom made “output row”, not made by me but from a professional company of course, this way we can have more outputs. But we can talk about this later.
Future proof is the sh*t.


Crazy expensive ideas. But I’d thought I’d throw it out there.
I’m thinking of a super modular stick. You could swap out modules to get the stick to accommodate your preference.

I say for the back of the stick, you design 2 Modular panels. Options for RJ-45/usb neutrik out or notch, option for db-25 or db-15 out instead of Neutrik, 3 buttons on back or 5 buttons on back 24mm. Also for neutrik make sure there is enough room to use eject tab if using the fancy neutrik boots.

I would only care for 6 button vewlix or sega layouts. I say that make the graphics optional. Most people will just go to gameongraphix to get their own art printed anyway.

Modular 2 piece bolt down top panel. Only 2 top screws per panel. Left side for Joysticks, right side for buttons. Basically one could have the parts panels preloaded and wired with harnesses and swap joystick and button configs with just a phillips screwdriver.

2 modular swappable left side plates for joysticks.

Joystick universal mounting plate like voltech. I suspect that you could sell a bunch of these by themselves.
1 special plate just for korean sticks because the big hole.

4 right side button option plates in the following options.
30mm 6 button curved
30mm 6 button straight
28mm 6 button curved
28mm 6 button straight

8 button is dick.

Screw on bottom to extend case depth for american or korean parts.

No module is optional, You must buy all the parts of case as a kit.


So when do you think we will be able to see one of your “Ultimate” arcade sticks =)