Ultimate Zero Direction VII

It seems that the Tournament took place this past weekend 8/17/07, any news such as tournament list is known and verified please post it here.

The new website is up ( http://ultimate-zero7.digick.jp ) instead of the old one, but the actual tournament isn’t until next month, near as I can tell.

Instead of the old one??
It was just a flash notice site. ^_~

UZVIII (not direction) is about to happen during 3 days again. It will start on the 22 August and end with the 24 August. On Friday at 8AM begins the entrance and the opening ceremony is from 9:30 till 10:30. Read everything up on the UZ7 web page.
Ultimate Zero VII can’t happen right now, because the seedings aren’t decided now. There will happen 3 out of 4 possible seeds. (Look at the 4 Japanese Alpha 3 title which you can obtain in japan. http://ultimate-zero7.digick.jp/titlist.html

So again as last year and like every year. This is the time in japan for every Alpha 3 player to get one of the 4 country wide A3 titels.

  • **Heaven emperor **( can only be achieved in the Las Vegas Arcade, next heaven emperor challange= ???),
  • **Dragon God **(this titel got ressurected this year for like three years, current Dragon God= Maho, next Dragon God challange= 9/1, can only be achieved in the Sky Dragon arcade)
  • **Wind God **(current Wind God: Kantona /can only be achieved in the a-cho arcade, next Wind God challange=9/16)
  • **Sea emperor **(currently nobody can achieve this title, I truly hope this titel will get resurrected again. But I don’t see this happen soon. Don’t know much about this title, like who was the last Sea emperor or in which arcade you could get this title??)

If you’re really interrested in Alpha 3 you maybe know about those title’s. 2003 there also was a 5th title, called “Thunder God” sadly this title is no more.

So like I said, only those honorfull titles will get you as seed in the biggest and greatest A3 tournament in japan (world). VER was for a very long time the heaven emperor and Magical was for like 2 years the wind god (unbeatable a-cho champion) Years ago there was a page up for those titles called:" The five titels" (because the Thunder God still existed.)

Every year, the ultimate zero tournament time is the greatest time of all, if you’re really interested in A3.

Wow, thanks for that summary. I didn’t even know there were more UZD’s after the first one in 2003. I also like the titles, adds a coolness factor!

@TS & Lomo thanks for the update, japanese is not my mother tongue. Oh and Lomo thanks for a thorough breakdown of the tournament. So I can surmise that UZ7 is the big tourney that is decided by the seeds of the UZVIII tournament? No.

Haha, I can’t believe I missed the banner at the top of the website that says 9/22.

Anyway, yeah, UZ6 is a big tournament. Last year (results) had like 86 people, a team tournament and 2 exhibition tournaments (1 east vs west, one non-V tournament), and it had basically every good A3/Zero 3 player from Japan who’s name you might know… D44/BAS, MAKI the Chun player, Toma the Charlie/Nash player, Magical (Sakura), Crusher (Sodom), Maho (Claw), Inbe (recent a-cho Guy) Nekonohi (a-cho’s Sagat), VER, DARK, etc etc.

As far as I my understanding is today, 2001 splittet one big tournament in Japan. This tournament got splittet up into the Ultimate Zero tournament and the X-Mania tournament. The japanese did that in the year 2001 because of the date. Ultimate Zero 1 could now be in 2001. X-Mania 1 was now also in 2001.

So if you ever come across thinking:" When was Ultimate ZeroIV?" Then you know now:" Oh, it was 2004".

X-Mania III? = 2003 (and so on. ^_~)

So we have 2007 and soon the japanese will have held seven UZ tournaments.

Oh, sorry you missunderstood me here. The Ultimate Zero VII/7 (type it as you want) is a very tough tournament and therefore it gains you alot prestige. There are 2 pre-elimantions. Last year BAS’s team didn’t got through the first stage. If you win this thing, you’re the man in japan. There’s only one way to past through the eleminations. If you’re one of those titles holders. Because than you already proved that you’re a very great A3 player with high skill/great knowledge about the game.

For example.
Who is considered the best Dhalsim in japan? There is Mukai and he is good. But japanese say that VER has a better Dhalsim. So is VER the best Sim? No. The japanese say that Tosa is best Dhalsim in Japan. Why is that you we don’t see videos of him and the japanese are so sure about it?

  1. First obvious reason is that he doesn’t play in a-cho or Vegasup, otherwise we would have vids of him. So he plays in Arcades that don’t feature match vids.
  2. The japanese say that he’s the best Dhalsim in Japan, because he got 2nd place in the last years UZVI single elemination tournament against Crusher. Since that success the japanese say that he is the best Sim.

So win this tournament or get 2nd. And your accepted as a very very good player.

Yeah out of all those years UZVI was the greatest. But around 20 did not show up at this tournament. Some players out of one region in japan had a disagreement about the location were it too place. So they didn’t even show up at all.
Which sound insane to me, but we just don’t know how honorfull those japanese players are. ( I wanted to read it up again right now, but sadly DARK’s old blog isn’t online anymore.)

im still in japan, im considering if i should stay for this? from my understanding its teams this year tho? cause someone elaborate on that? or are the qualifiers for the tourney going on right now?


Ok I think I get what you’re saying now. It’s amazing that video capture isn’t a standard nowadays in japanese arcades.


Thanks for the result link, just have to find a good online translator.

My Japanese isn’t so hot, so like 75% of this is from Babelfish, so…

There’s a 3-on-3 tournament, which seems to be double-elimination.
The regular tournament is capped at 32 people, and I’m guessing is by qualification…? You may have to qualify by your team winning your first two matches, I’m not sure. It looks like even if you end up in the loser’s bracket, you have a chance to fight for qualification, though the teams will be split up and it’ll be a 1-on-1 thing for who gets to join.

It’s something like $10 per person/$30 for the team tournament. ?1000/3000, but close enough.

You can register in advance for the team tourney by e-mail. Instructions are under “???” on the page- it’ll come up as entry.html if you hover over the link. First link button in the 3rd grouping in the lefthand frame. You can register between now and the 16th.

You can register the day of the tournament, but only between 8 and 9:30 AM.

vids or it didnt happen!

Thanks, you didn’t have to put yourself out for me, but thanks.

that wasnt for you that was for me, because im actually in japan right now and i asked for him to post that. but yea. ** THANKS TS. **

btw epsilon im wonderin if you play in Chinatown Fair at all since you claim to be a crazed a3 fanatic. do you even play there at all? cause i never knew/heard of your nick before today and this hread. anyway thanks to u too for bringing this tourney to my attention. I’m seriously considering being able to register for this tournament and attend. but i need a partner!

My mistake, I assumed since I hinted about translating the page in my last post that it was intended for me, but what ever.

I’ve visited the place about 2 times, but I’ve been playing the game since the PSX launch if that means anything. The machine at CTF is good, but I’ve a hard time as the input window for moves seems quite a bit larger to me than the PSX and the MAME versions I play. On a side note, when I went there I was the only one on the machine, only comp was on the 3s and AC machines that sandwich it. I’m not gonna see Japanese soil for a long time friend, and anyway wouldn’t be much help as I haven’t had steady competition in quite a while.

There was an update on the Flash UZVII page, some match vids can be found on the third link on the page. It’s filebank and the password is “zero3” sans quotes.

Actually this is isn’t the UZVII Flash page. The page you linked there is just the normal Alpha 3 Section Page from the well known Beat-tribe arcade. (http://www.beat-tribe.jp/)

There isn’t really a UZVII Flash page, just the normal UZVII Flash notifier page.

Beat-Tribe Arcade A3 section Page= http://btzero3.web.fc2.com/ (bt =beat-tribe)

Ultiamte Zero 3 Flash notifier page= http://btzero3.web.fc2.com/uz7_notice.html

Ps= I just posted to share information. I’m not a nit picker that want’s to correct everything or anything like that.

Don’t worry I don’t feel you’re nit picking at all. I’m just trying to wrap my head around this tournament. Also as a side note, I was wondering if this is the Same Beat Tribe that produced the Virtua Fighter Tournaments?

Dunno if anyone cares, but-

?? (master/expert)- Crusher. Usually plays V-Sodom.
?? (lord of heaven)- Nike. Usually plays V-Rolento.
?? (dragon king)- Andou. Usually plays V-Akuma.
?? (wind god)- Masa. Usually plays V-Akuma.


Team tournament, 26 teams, 77 players-

  1. Morikawa (Ryu), VER (Cody), Tabatake (Sakura)
  2. 433 (Sakura), Tosa (Dhalsim), DON (Charlie)
  3. Masa, Hige, and Asaba (all Akuma)

East vs West elimination tournament-
West wins 26 to 13.

1 on 1 tournament, capped at 40 entrants-

  1. Magical (Sakura)
  2. Nekonohi (Sagat)
  3. Tabatake (Sakura)