Ultra 1 and Reset questions



If these have been asked before I apologize. It seems that the majority of Cody players I watch use Ultra 2, and I have been as well, but after being in the lab it seems that Cody may have some very strong setups that would work against certain characters. For example EX Zonk>fadc>ultra 1 seems like it would be a strong option against shotos, other than it needs 3 meters plus ultra to be completed. Also was wondering if hk ruffian>fadc> stomach blow would work well as a reset. I have been trying all of this out in training but don’t have much face time to play and I despise online. Thanks for any input you can provide.


ex zonk fadc f.mp is a reset I like to use. also in the corner after a meaty hk ruffian meterless. or after a long combo leading into stun, FA lvl 3, lp rocks, f.mp

as for u1, imo it’s mu specific. in general it’s just the better “full connection” ultra in combos, but u2 is way more versitale and combable (tho, only partial). after ex zonk, lp cu, mp cu, hk ruffian, crack kick, ex rocks, good spaced other rocks, cl.mp, ch f.mp and many more. also, it has incredible chip potencial and due to it’s reach and startup it’s way better as reversal.


When i first started playing cody i used to use ultra 1 all the time. Crouch HPxxHK ruffian,FADC, U1… i think i must have landed it like a bajillion times now. But then as my game evolved i realized that ex zonk (and ex ruffian too against fireball characters) are a very essential part of cody’s game. Meter is very precious to cody, and he already has some very damaging combos if you know how to plink/link. Wasting two stocks just to fadc into an ultra and look cool just started to seem like it wasnt worth it. So i switched over to U2. Not only is U2 comboable like zUkUu said, But its also a great punish option.


Oh, got you, so i need to place more emphasis on my normal combos, I took my Cody to a local tournament, only had a 6 person turnout :frowning: but I was definitely bottom of the barrel. If any of you guys are on XBL I could use any help I can get.


sorry im on the psn. and dont be disheartened by your loss, cody is not an easy character to use.


Thanks for the encouragement. I picked up Cody because he has such flashy combos and I figure if I can get the execution for him down the rest of the game with fall in line. Unfortunately my main problems are dropping links and trying to jump to get in too often.


one thing i do to jump in safely sometimes is start a fireball war and then fake rocks and jump over (have to be in range though). Also, start with the easy links, like cl.MP into crouch MP and cl.HP into crouch MP. If you learn to plink it’ll be even better. His hardest link is cl.MP into crouch HP, its also max damage. Move onto that later once you are more comfortable.

t+MP link into close MP link into crouch MP/LK(/HP once you are better). get this down ASAP. Its his best hit confirm IMO and great pressure on block. shouldnt be too hard. Learn to hit confirm with him. Its essential to his game because he has no safe on block specials.

I picked up cody because he isnt an easy character to use and i like having a challenge.


Also, another tip. When someone is jumping in on your wake up, use the HK ruffian to anti air them on wake up(dont worry it auto corrects). people initially tend to assume that every wake up jump in will be meaty and they need a reversal to beat it but majority of the time this isnt the case. If you know/once you find out that your opponent is good at doing meaty jump ins, then you should consider other options(blocking the jump in and back dashing works pretty well, or you could block and tech). But in most cases, HK ruffian/b+MP/d+MK are good options on wake up. Dont be afraid to use them.


on wakeup no anti air is a good option O_o unless it’s a BADLY timed jump in. but in most cases you’ll just get counter hittet.


If you are able to use any normal or non-invincible special while your opponent is jumping in on your wakeup, then that opponent doesn’t have a clue what he/she is doing lol. Cody has no reversal options on a good jump in, blocking is his only good option tbh.


lol im just speaking from experience. As of recent whenever i see someone jumping on my wake up i throw out the HK ruffian and its been doing alright so far. It gets beat sometimes and sometimes itll trade but mostly it tends to get the job done.

edit: think about it, how many times while using ryu have you been able to throw out the LP shoryu on wake up on a jumping opponent and then juggle into ultra(no FADC)?

HK ruffian comes out in like 6 frames, its a pretty quick move.


I work in the lab on my links as much as possible and can hit most them pretty accurately, im just hurting on in-game execution, especially with the forward-mp links, i see it hit then miss the cl.mp, guess that will come with actually playing the game.


Yeah and I’m saying the reason you’re getting hits and trades with it, is because your opponent doesn’t know what they’re doing. Against a good player, who knows safe jumps, you wouldn’t be getting any hits OR trades. The reason Ryu is able to get a LP DP into U1 is because the player simply did a really badly timed jump, nothing else.

It’s not a good option to throw out HK Ruffian on your wakeup, your just risking taking more damage than you need to from a counterhit.

Hk Ruffian is 7 frame startup.


Well like I said a few posts earlier, when I run into someone who is good at doing meaty jump ins, I change my approach. But while it works, why fix what ain’t broken?

Don’t get me wrong here, I dont blindly throw it out. I do assess the situation first.


codyuken :woot:
i break it out sometimes too(on bad jumpins)


spookydonkey, liked the knife vid, didn’t even realize you could do that. So the wake up ruffian is basically an online tactic or safe against complete newbs because I was trying to use it the other night and I think I may have landed it once. I’m going to stick to upping my block game.


see im not the only one :china:

@zeth: make sure you dial it while you are waking up (after cody puts his hand on his knee) not after youve already stood up. Its good that you wanna up your block game, i would suggest learning how to block and backdash. Basically you block the jump in and backdash right away. If your quick enough whatever move your opponent does after landing will go through your invincibility frame and get you away. Be careful though cuz once they get the hang of what youre doing they can start doing stuff to punish your backdash. If you wanna go a little more advanced, you can block the initial jump in and release an ex zonk once the block stun ends. Itll hit em out of whatever they do once they land. Timing on this needs a bit of practice to get down though. Try not to do the zonk release too much though, people can start baiting it out. I think if you mix up both of these instead of doing the same one each time, youll be fine.

before the troll squad comes in and trys to troll me again, i can garuntee that this stuff works because ive done it a alot(especially the zonk release).


I learned about the backdash at the tournament I played in. Vega player came down and used it to destroy me. The one guy I actually have face time to play with plays extreme rushdown with ibuki and sakura and I got eat up by someone actually playing defensive footsies. I read the matchup threads on Vega afterwards and realized I had it all wrong. I’ll work on the timing of those wake up options though, always nice to have something to swing momentum.


learn to focus vega’s wall dives and hell be wide open. Dont get focus happy though, he can use his ex straight drive and break armor (but i think thats the only one that does). Also, if you dont like blocking and backdashing you can always learn to block and tech. My friends tell me they find blocking and teching easier, i find backdashing easier. But block and ex zonk release is something you DEFINATELY should learn.


zonk vs vega all day long.