Ultra 1 close corner reset



In the very end of the corner(opponents back to the wall) do ultra 1 on a grounded opponent then during the animation of yun’s hand dropping do ex kicks (you can mash them)then you can do a c.mp into a shoulder or ex kicks into mk dp(this not a reset just looks cooler) if done right the ex kicks should hit them in the the highest possible height you can move after the ultra.This is only useful to do big damage if no full super bar and that keep stay in the corner due to your awesome pressure game.(blanka tested)


I tried this on Ryu and it worked just fine. It’s highly situational but interesting if you got them cornered and stunned with not much scaling.


Story be hide this find i played a blanka did ultra 1 try’d to do ex punch (lol) i did it early on my timing(sleepy and up late) got ex kicks did C.mp after to get whiff into mix-up it hit and killed the blanka player i thought it was a bug in game.