Ultra 1 Disappearing



In a lot of clutch moments say right as someone is coming in with an attack, when Ultra 2 would hit - I find that the Ultra 1 ball simply disappears. Is this intentional? Or a glitch? If anyone knows?


new thread about something you can ask in the general thread YAY!


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to be honest i didn’t even notice that thread, so, sorry mr ocd forum perfectionist

The Unwelcoming FGC

Seems like an acceptable place to shock horror ask a question without someone flipping their wig but I guess I’m very wrong. Should I post my response in the general thread and place a url in my response to this thread?

It’s a great thing we have totally unsocial and unfriendly representing the FGC - wouldn’t want the scene to attract newcomers so we have a bigger scene or anything.


It’s not being an ocd forum perfectionist to simply read the title of the thread.
This forum is going to die out of any useful data because of threads like this clogging up any useful data

TO answer your question, not sure if it’s a glitch, but have also noticed you can grab at certain points of the ultra, again not sure if this is a glitch or not as no one who posts on Decapre forums designed Decapre or the game…

An acceptable place to ASK A QUESTION is the general thread.
You ask a stupid question in a stupid place, you get the response you deserve tbh

My 2 cents, not worth a whole lot


start a thread with the answer to his Q in the general forum plz


u1 has to fully form to stay out, it’s not a glitch, i don’t know the frame window for it though. it’s really not an ultra to use defensively


Ahh fair enough, good to know and thank you!


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Dude i have to answer questions that are barely in english and don’t need a whole thread. i can’t help it


you could have opened a thread to answer the question aswell


I feel sorry for Malvadisco… Being an “ocd forum perfectionist” and “flipping their wig” by stating the obvious is a lot of hard work.
Although I am jealous of the “gigantic dicks in the forums”.

Hard working with giant genitalia. I’m assuming people are starting more threads to try and get on the level.