Ultra 1 Setups and Strange Things

I’ve been fiddling around with Ultra1 set-ups and “potential combobability.” However there is alot of things that I am not sure of…

  1. I’ve been trying to RCF->fdac->Ultra1 forward
    result: Doesn’t seem to work. The startup is just too slow (the ultra) or maybe I just did it too slow?

  2. I’ve tested around with CH–>cr. LP–>Ultra1 forward
    result: Character sepcific. Against smaller characters this move will fly over them however on larger characters theres a chance you miss the cross up and recoiling to the wall. Both small and large characters will be subjected to double mind game since the launch and the BHC can cross-up. The timing is not as bad as some people may think.
    Theres two possibilities: a) Launch hits as a Cross-up or b) BHC hits as a cross up.
    a) Start BHC about 5 frames before they land. They should be very close the the ground. b) Start BHC about 8 frames before they land. When Ultra activiates you should see that the character is slightly elevated (and their mouths should be wide open XD)

  3. I’ve found I had larger success in CH–>cr. LP–>Ultra1 forward cross if I did FDAC forward. It could be just me tho but its different for all charcters especially Dhalsim who floats around. This is the case since after cr. LP–>FDAC the timing is usually just about right for you to do a cross up with U1 but depending on where you hit the cr. LP is the real question.

  4. This is also in Vanilla as well but… Generally when you dash forward from outside of corners and do Ultra-1, you will hit the opponent’s head if they stood and blocked (or not). But lately, some of my friends that play as Sagat have not been blocking those. I asked them why and they said: “Must be my joystick jumping.” I tested to see if it was a cross-up but it shows that it is not. True it hits at the back of Sagat’s head (small head if I may add XD) but no indication of a cross-up has occured. But there was one time where Claw did hop behind Sagat rather than infront…Any input?

This is one of the first things I tested when Super came out, on both BHC and Splendid Claw. Unfortunately in order to hit, the Ultras would have to land in 4 frames or less, and I believe they both take somewhere around 7-10 frames to startup.

If the launcher crosses up reliably that’s pretty cool, but it seems to me like the timing is way too strict. Also it seems like it slightly varies from character to character, making it even less reliable. If you don’t cross up with the launcher, then you’ve wasted your ultra and probably gotten punished too. Having the BHC “cross up” once it gets to the wall is pretty useless, the player sees the Ultra startup animation and has more than enough time to block the right way.

Just my opinion, but I’m gonna stick with Splendid Claw unless something totally revolutionary gets discovered with BHC. Nice to see some experimentation and testing done with it though.

Vega Science!

Anyway adding on to the CH–>cr.LP–>FDAC–>Ultra1 you can FDAC to switch sides and do a cross-up with the launch from there. Its a double mindgame!!! Cross-up with the launch is hard but doing the actual ultra itself is quite easy after the FDAC. It?s just the matter of how fast you can determine if you switched sides or not.

In the corner you can cross like crazy. Since BHC now goes through ppl there are crazy conrer setups. You can cross with the launch or BHC itself and its surprisingly much easier than wake-up crosses or reset crosses. I?ve been able to categorize the generic timing. There is: a) The small characters b) The large characters c) The ugly characters

I?ll first explain the cross with BHC (not the launch) when cornering the opponent with CH–> cr.LP. Here we assume they are from a finger?s width from touching the wall or directly touching the wall.
a) Small characters are: Ryu,Ken,Akuma,Juri,Cammy,Dan
They all have the same timing and behave the same. You either: Succeed and cross or fail and they block.
b) Large Characters are: Zangief, T.Hawk, Hakan,Guile (I kid you not)
T.Hawk requires you to do it slightly earlier than the others but still behaves the same. These character are much easier to cross than the small characters. You either: Fail and they block or they get crossed.
c) The ugly characters are: Guy,Dhalsim,Blanka,Honda,Sagat
The timing?. Differs with these characters but they also do something weird when you cross. They just?make Claw behave different. Guy and Dhalsim floats around which makes the timing easier but when Guy blocks a failed attempt, Claw will push forward then land forward. This does happen in small characters but he makes it happen more often for some reason.
The there is Sagat that behaves more like a small character than a large character.
Blanka and Honda is best you don?t look for visual cues, their backs are strangely large and their fall is strange as well? Its better you learned timing than visual.

One notable thing is that, if you are very close to hitting the cross-up but whiffed it, you?ll notice that Claw will actually move so fast that the screen will pull the opponent forward with Claw. Kinda cool :smiley:

It’s FADC no FDAC. Just sayin’.

I must be misunderstanding, FADC out of cr.lp? huh?

Don’t believe me? Try it.

hmmm…interesting stuff…but i think i’ll just stick to the Ex FBA wakeup tactics than risk using an ultra that in many matchups can’t really help me out…still i think the BHC is a bit more epic than the SC…but that’s my opinion…

I’ve been fiddling around with the useless super combo in the corner:


I’m not sure if its really the case but when I practiced on Hakan I kept getting two hits of the super on him which is normal. But then I noticed for some reason, I did 3 hits. I tried to do it again and again but it didn’t work. I then theorized that throwing the mask might help and then boom. First try I got 3 hits again slicing 350 damage. Maybe there are other properties to mask throw now? Again I’m not sure if its just me with bad timing conicidentally when I have mask on.

the best setup for Ultra 1 would be after u tech throw your opponent do a forward dash into ultra. opponents are bond to throw out something thinking your gonna grab em again.

works for me more than 70% of the time that i doo use ultra 1 just for fun.

u hardly see any vega players use this method & if you dont kno how to do it better start practicing :slight_smile:

FADC crumble–> Air grab–>Ultra 1. Its the easiest to do on a Sagat. I’ve done it many times in a real match.

for a cross up? you cant combo a throw

You can air throw off a focus crumple. It’s easier off an FA backdash, jump in rather than FA dash, neutral jump.

right… you can air throw backdashes too but after that your opponent is knocked down… how can you U1 them after an air throw? or do you mean to hit them on wake up with a crossover U1?

Yea… you can cross with that set-up but you need adjustments to the positioning against smaller characters. But against Sagat, its just one timing and its jaw breakingly ez to do IMO

After the air throw; Are you hitting the Ultra off the back wall or the front wall?

you can cross up with either wall. do it early to cross over from back wall so that you hit a “meaty” ultra, or do it late for front wall to hit a “meaty” ultra