Ultra 1 setups/tactics/gimmicks



Hi there fellow Guile players. I’ve recently made the switch to Ultra 1 as despite what I’m told about Ultra 2, I find it useless, and the Flashkick FADC to it that I practiced for months just does too little damage. Now ranting aside, I was wondering if any of you have some interesting setups or OS with this ultra that you might share to broaden my horizons. Currently my only tactic/gimmick other than a full out punish is to walk forward and bait crouch techs then lit it rip. Also walking forward on a character like Rose on her wakeup then letting loose seems to work nicely in a matchup that already tends not to be in my favor. Thanks in advance!


b+lk (Whiff) > Ultra 1 results in pretty jaw dropping reactions. :smiley:
Timing is pretty difficult to pull off though.


Hey, Cord here (van).

At the end of the day, Ultra choice is still matchup dependant and sometimes player/playstyle dependant… imo it’s silly to commit to U1 all the time, especially for matchups like Ryu, Sagat, Dhalsim, Akuma. U2 might not do much damage, especially on fireball trade, but it can change the momentum back in your favor. Even being able to chip on their wakeup after an airgrab can make the difference between having the life lead or not which in turn changes the flow of the match. Anti-air U2 on reaction to a jump is extremely useful against dive kick characters and Akuma’s jump forward air fireball where as you will almost never be able to land U1 against them. Dhalsim just did U1 to setup a mixup? Immediately U2 to cancel out his U1 and it resets the situation to neutral. Guy just did jump forward elbow drop? Better not be anywhere besides point blank or he’s eating U2. Anti-air flash kick trade? Free U2.

FK FADC is just a small side bonus and not really why you should be picking it anyway. It has too much utility to disregard and the opportunities to land U1 are far less frequent. Of course U1 is still preferred in some cases like against Dudley or Gouken where U2 does not have an obvious use-case but don’t ditch U2 so readily.

As far as gimmicks goes, I sometimes pick U1 where i think I can land anti-crossup Super in the corner which lets you juggle with U1 for big damage. You can also fish for focus crumples at max range with focus attack back dashing and then if you see the crumple do a forward dash Ultra 1 to scoop them up. Otherwise there really isn’t anything… which is why U1 isn’t a great pick all the time.


When a shoto is spamming fireballs, you can focus through and buffer the U1 command. Let it rip if you see them try to throw another fireball and they will eat huge damage.


I guess i was just never really good with U2, because my main punishes where focusing through fireballs and then letting it rip, but it works even better with u1.


Eh, U1 has the startup and invincibility but U2 has better range. I still use U2 for fireball punishment over U1 for this very reason alone.