Ultra 1 startup and recovery? How quick is it?



Ok the frame data for u1 says that it starts up in 1+0 … 1 frame during animation and 0 startup, but then the frame data says it has 7 frames of recovery. So which one does it have? She doesn’t seem frozen after FSE starts, but maybe she is. Can I just throw FSE out there because it starts up so fast?


you whiff the move to activate it. That’s why you recover. It doesn’t happen after fse is done otherwise nobody would use that u1 because it would leave you open.
For a while i’ve been trying to fadc u1 to a combo. I’m looking at a 1 frame link since…
+10 on fireball
0 frame activation
but 7 frames of recovery, because you whiff the move.
her fastest move that hits is 3 frames
It’s like rose’s soul satellites. She activates them but she whiffs the move and she is not invincible during those frames. Juri isn’t invincible after activation which leaves her open. it’s why most activations happen after a kd of some sort.


So both players are frozen for 7 frames after activation or just she is?


just juri lol


its 1+0 to start the cinematic, after cinematic juri recovers for 6 frames, making for a total move duration of 7 frames. In other words, you are -6 after cinematic and opponent can punish you.