Ultra 1 Training

Since 2012 is just around the corner for PC users, I really want to start learning this properly.

Please bare in mind I do not have 2012 for all posts in this thread yet, but I obviously need to keep it in mind, so for 2012 specific things, please tag them with v2012.

I’ve looked at the following website, and honestly, it’s so much to take in that is it just completely overwhelming: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV/Juri/Feng_Shui_Engine

Could anyone detail a basic how-to instruction sheet of things I should learn in training mode to get me started? I’ve been playing Juri for a while now, and whilst I’m fairly good at her standard stuff (BnB, complex combos involving fuhajin releases, instant dive kicks, fuzzy guard (still learning but I understand how it work), safe jumps, etc etc) I’ve never really got into her ultra 1. I can USE it, but I tend just to go into trial mode, do a quick combo that may do 250-350 damage if I can open it up and then I’m stuck.

My main problems is what to do in the mix up, how to continue after knock-downs (resets) and basic combos that I should be aware of and learn. Currently I just sort’ve press normals in progressing strength and follow with either a sweep or an ex pinwheel which is a complete waste of the ultra.

Thanks again.

I just started using this utra and I do:
throw a fireball
dash foward MP cr.MK HK EX fireball,
or dash foward MP Overhead close MP cr.MK HK EX fireball
If they block, you can start again because EX fireball gives huge frame advantage on block.

I think is a simple and good start, this combo works from far or close

For mid-screen combos, you usually want to go for the cr.HK ender. It can be canceled into Fuhajin store (qcf+K) for some forward movement, but you’ll have less frame advantage for okizeme. Basic mix-ups would be the same stuff Juri can normally do, except f+MK leads to a combo (and could also be used in chains). You can do meaty cr.LK/cr.MK or f+MK, jump in j.MP or empty jump cr.LK/throw (kind of gimmicky), and jump in j.HK or j.MK (ambiguous cross-up). In the corner, you usually want to use EX Senpusha (qcb+KK) ender, juggling a st.MP at the end for a reset. After the reset, you could dash forward for an ambiguous cross-up, or just continue with basic pressure strings/mix-ups. j.MP IOH is also possible on some characters.

To get started you should stick to simple and universal FSE BNB such as LK xx MP xx cr.MK xx HK xx Special, or LK xx cr.MP xx cr.MK xx HK xx Special.
The first one with st.MP works at any range and lead to close HK, but at a very specific range cl.MP may whiff. The second one with cr.MP doesn’t whiff but if you’re too far away you may get a far.HK.

A simple way to break guard is to do Sekku after 2LK xx MP xx Sekku or 2LK xx 2MP xx Sekku. Using st.MP you can “loop” forever and repeat it (reset), it will keep Juri in range.

If you land a combo, you can end your BNB with Senpusha xx FADC > LK xx MP xx Sekku > reset for a new combo.

With no metter, you can end the BNB with Store/Senpusha/2HK, here are a few mix-up examples:
-Store: far.MK(reset) xx Release > dash > MP xx Sekku, safe option to sneak in a Sekku or confirm from the Fuhajin.
Store > MP xx FADC reset (allows to cross-down at the cost of 2bars)
-Senpusha (mk/hk version): dash > ambiguous cross-up, it goes over most reversals.
-2HK: 2HK xx Store > walk > Safejump with MK for an ambiguous cross-up.
2HK xx lk Senpusha > Sekku can cross-over.
2HK xx mk Senpusha > cross-up: Juri cross-over with the senpusha.

I’m not really good with activation setups, but an easy one is:
fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin > dash > MP xx Sekku.
fw throw > activate > dash > EX Fuhajin xx FADC > j.MK (cross-up) is fun to use but costs 3 bars.
fw throw (corner) > nj.HK > activate > j.HK is a corner unblockable or hard to block on some of the cast.