Ultra 1 vs Ultra 2?

Im curious to know what ibuki players personal preferences when it comes to ultras. I know ultra II can be SJC’d but ultra I is a zero range grab, similar to Zangief’s. I prefer both, i like to be mind gamey with ultra 1 and is ultra 2 necessary to go pro with ibuki?

Dime, where’s your post (wall of text) that went through the benefits of both ultras?

And Devilman where’s your post (another wall of text) that went through the benefits of both ultras versus each character?

Perhaps we could consolidate them here instead of having to search for them in the 100 page matchup thread.

Ultra 1 is not like gief’s grab. You can jump post flash. You can’t jump gief’s. You have to jump that pre flash.

I believe he meant in terms of range.

Yeah thats what i was lrefering too, i know you can still jump post flash, but its good on reaction or Command dash punish (I.E command dash viper’s siesmic behind her and punish. so so satisfying) and i did search for opinions on this before i made the thread, but after an hour of lurking i kinda just wanted to skip the middle man.

I’m surprised it has the same range as gief’s ultra. It seemed to me you had to be pretty much point blank for Ibuki’s to catch you or else you’d get a giant orb. Unlike his super, gief’s ultra actually has pretty decent range.

I couldn’t find Dime’s post. The op can put this quote in the first post for easy reference.

my original WOT:



Thank you very much guys, i appreciate, time to start the research

i usually prefer Ultra 2 it’s more awesome than Ultra 1

Is there a post explaining various U1 setups? I remember reading some, but can’t seem to find it.

No doubt for me, Ultra 2

[media=youtube]MVx3lLhB7fs]YouTube - KichijyojiKEN [Ken] vs Q LEE0914 [Ibuki[/media] @ 00:44 is the reason

i love using ibuki’s ultra 2 combo but sometimes i will try and sneek an ultra 1 but rarely do i use it cuz i can’t combo in to it

Am I the only one that likes ultra 1? If you have good enough reaction to anti air with a dp you should be able to use ultra 1 on reaction, its not only a gimmick! I have punished tons of things with this ultra. Safe jumps, over heads, unsafe slides and sweeps, Abel’s roll, obvious tick throws, runaway jump back roundhouse/fierce, and Seth/Sim’s jumping feirce. Sure I might not use it every match but its definitely a nice utility ultra to have in your back pocket.

Btw damage resets are better then comboing into ultra 2;)

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Whatever is more successful with you. Thing about combo-ing into ultra (despite how scaled it might get) is that you know it’ll land for sure, fadc ultras for 100% for sure, because the opponent can’t block/dodge it. If you can find a way to grab someone for sure with yoritoshi, and it’ll shell out more damage, by all means stick with that :slight_smile:

Ultra 1 is best used defensively because of its ability to punish things on block that leave the opponent close to you. That and how it’s really good at catching people that are pressing untight block strings at close range too long. Using Ultra 1 offensively is risky and really shouldn’t be done unless you are low on health and have no other choice since usually it’s a last ditch attempt to counter hit someone trying to hit you or throw you at close range to win. Generally though I use Ultra 1 to protect myself. I don’t go out as soon as I get in trying to force people into situations where they can get hit by it. Mainly because it’s just not in your favor to be offensively grabbing people with the ultra when they can jump out after the freeze. I’d rather use it defensively to punish things on block where they have no choice but to eat the grab. I only use it in mix ups/offensively if I’m low on health and it’s one of my only options to quickly win the match.

Generally the best way to play Ibuki is to use both ultras. Don’t just associate yourself with one ultra. Learn both of them because of how there’s just inherent matchups where one ultra has a few more uses than the other. Ibuki really can do a lot of damage very quickly without an ultra any ways. Once u get in unless you’re fighting someone with a shitty hit box like Honda it gets really easy to land 300 plus damage meterless combos on people and generally Ibuki wants to stay on top of her opponent and combo them multiple times until they’re dead. Which really can end up being only a couple times if u land a couple tsumuji loop combos.

it mostly depends are who you playing and how comfortable you are with the ultra in certain situations. But i prefer ultra 2 even tho ultra 2 does look pretty sick lol

Ultra 1 seems like the all round better. U2 does shit damage when you combo into into and if you miss it has huge recovery. Alot of people dont know but you can combo into U1 as well and it does decent damage(not better than U2 though). Most importaintly U1 is better because it will make players hesitant to try and get close without fear of getting caught unlike U2 which can be harder to connect.

I’m not sure that you should judge an Ultra on the recovery if you miss… and SJCing into U1 is pretty pointless, if you were in that position you might as well combo into U2.

Personally I prefer U1. But probably only because I can’t sjc into u2 and don’t know how else to set it up. Although I primarily use U1 as a “get off me” move because even if they aren’t in range for the grab, they usually get away