Ultra 1 vs. Ultra 2



I’ve been playing around with Ultra 2 alot lately, instead of Ultra 1 and I’ve found I’m getting alot more mileage out of it outside of combos. In this section I want to talk about alot of the benefits I’ve found for using Ultra 2 as opposed to Ultra 1 and why I think it’s the better Ultra overall. Some of these are a bit incomplete, like the “back dash” for example part due to not having tried it on everyone, but it’s been like half the cast so far.

On Block Punishes:
Honda med.Headbutt
Honda frc.Headbutt
Blanka Ball (all strengths)
Condor Dive (all strengths)
Rolento Roll (Credits: Will Smith)
M. Bison EX Psycho Crusher (Credits: Will Smith)
Deejay EX Sobat (Credits: Will Smith)

On Hit Punishes:
Sim Yoga Sniper (sometimes have to dash once before Ultra depending on where on screen)
Blanka Ball (all strengths)

On Reaction Punishes:
Focus (within Ultra Range)
Backdashes (within Ultra Range)
Adon Wall Dive (all strengths)
Shoto Fireballs (all characters/strengths)
Guile Boom (half-screen/not easy)
Sagat Fireballs (all strengths/high-low)

I’ll update the list more and more as I find more things, or as they’re posted here. If someone wants to start putting together a list for Ultra 1 for comparison purposes, that’d be rad.


Yea it’s definitely the better ultra imo, it has too much utility to not be used.

Some more punishes:
Rolento’s roll thing (ppp -> p) on block.
M. Bison (Dictator) ex psycho crusher on block.
Dj ex sobat on block.


Ultra 1 punishes medium and fierce headbutt (and ex) for free on crouch block too. It punishes LP headbutt depending on spacing/stand block


Ultra 2 is better for fireball characters and specific punishes. Ultra 1 is more versatile overall I think since it can be combo’d into. I feel as though there will be a lot of matchups where Ultra Double will be used.


You can Combo into Ultra 2 also


From what? Patriot Circle FADC?


Outside of Focus, how do you combo into Ultra 2?


From jump-in FP or RH, as well as wall dive (same normals) and roll-OH. Also CH roundhouse CH cl.st FP.

I’m not sure, but as of right now I don’t think any other way outside of that and crumple.


Meaty cl.mk can also be used to combo into both ultras while leaving you +7 on block if it doesn’t hit.

After cr.hk knockdown, dash -> cr.lp, cl.mk hits on the last active frame against characters with average wakeup timing, alowing continued pressure or combo into ultra.


U2 punish Sagat Ryu and probably other dp cancel forward dash, so there are not -5 but -7 in guard, and u2 also punish the backdash so whatelse ?


I definitely prefer ultra 1. The ease at which you can combo into it gives rolento comeback potential.

I guess double ultra is probably the best bet though. Ultra 2 is great for fireball characters and that makes me happy. So many ultras in this game that are supposed to be fireball punishers but suck at it, thankfully this doesn’t. Ultra 1, like I mentioned above, is very easy to incorporate in a combo. With double ultra you can get good damage too, it’s not pathetic or useless by any means. Ultra 1 combos do good damage and ultra 2 does enough damage to make people think before they throw a fireball.

Rolento’s ultra combos are his only redeeming qualities. They’re both good.


Knife -> Ultra2 (even at max range).


Ultra 1 seems easier to land, but I can’t help but roll with 2 errtime


My problem with this is that I can’t hit Ryu with knives any lower than the bottom of his front knee. I can hit Yun’s knee though, so yeah. How about those hitboxes, Capcom? (I’m just nitpicking, this is an awesome find)


I feel like it’s a good pressure to apply to your opponent:

Back throw -> HK Stinger -> Land/Buffer U2 -> Stinger Confirm xx U2


also from the incredibly stupidly specific range ch st.fp xx knife or xx qcb+pp,p combos from lol (more examples of shitty hitbox stuff with rolento) I think overall its a matchup/preference thing. Also there is ppp,p xx red focus (hopefully they didnt’ get counterhit) and qcf+p x red focus (very scaled, is like 360 from cr.mk)


Wow wow wait, you can combo U2 from stinger?
Damn ima have to try that out!


anywhere from about 3/4 screen or closer.


I like U2 on Rolento, because it is such a damn good punish. Being an annoying bastard, Rolento has a lot of ways of making your opponent want to press something to get you out of their face, then you, literally, hang them for it. You can also hitconfirm it off lvl 2 focus backdash, which is pretty scary considering how deceptive his focus range is.


Is Blanka’s HP ball still punishable on hit? I thought Blanka’s HP ball knocks down on hit now?