Ultra 1

Are there any ways of nailing cause i like better than 2 ultra. I know you can get 3 hits off of ex mgu juggle. Are there any other way besides godlike fireball reaction?:pray:

If Ryu does the laggy ass sweep,. its free ultra, same with guile.

other than that nope. its a dumb ultra. no range.

well i hope they make it better in arcade

Sobat Carnivale looks cooler cuz the last hit is an overhead roundhouse and that looks 10 times cooler than an uppercut.

If they focus attack you on wakeup? Oh, but do be careful because with a well placed FA they can simply knock Deejay out of his animation.

You probably want to look for the moment when the other player drops their controller, falls asleep or oils up. Otherwise, just use U2.

still cant combo it after air slasher =(

I only use it against Blanka (sometimes) and T.Hawk.

Blanka- It is good against punishing balls close to the corner and it also punishes both ultras.

T.Hawk- It punishes Condor dives

If I could dash U2, I would never ever use U1

They don’t even need a well placed FA it doesn’t Armour Break, despite being a Sobat. They can just absorb the first hit and then let it rip before the second. You Ultra on someone charging Focus they get a free crumple.

If you hit somebody out of the air with the second hit of mk upkicks, you can juggle with U1 for the first three hits also.

But overall it’s not worth it, and all juggles off U1 seem kinda iffy on safety, for next to no real payoff.

You could try your luck with dash U1 but that’s not always good for obvious reasons. U1 has one feature that people overlook and it’s chip. There are no gaps in between to shoryuken etc. Only after he’s finished can the opponent do anything. Now that he can link his super (where the last hit was vulnerable) he has just become, the new Blanka in terms of chip.

U1 chip was reduced in AE 2011, and because it’s so hard to safely combo into it on block, it’s no longer that viable to use it just for the chip value.

Expect U1 to be more talked about now that 2012 is out, with the super into U1 being a true blockstring (although this is a massive amount of resource investment, so be sure that it’s going to win you the round, and preferably the match).

In my opinion, using super into U1 is going to require a major change in game strategy from the standard dash U2 (or if you can’t dash U2, hope-you-get-them-with-EXMGU-in-the-corner U2) strategies. You’ll need to build a lot more meter and spend a lot less. I’m not sure it’s going to be a great strategy.

But hey, it’s a cool-looking toy!