Ultra 1

I’ve seen people dash foward and then do their ultra right away. I cant seem to do that because I can’t charge it so how do some people do it if they’re dashing foward?

Charge back, double tap forward, back, forward, 3xP/3xK

Alternatively it’s possible to dash backwards and Ultra as well.

Charge back, forward, double tap back, forward, 3xP/3xK

A tip is to tap the KKK or PPP twice instead of once, in case you end up hitting it before the dash motion ends. Remember, if you’re playing a fireball char and you are trying to dash ultra, buffer the ultra motion every time and press kkk or ppp after seeing a fireball. against sagat and akuma, you need to guess the fireball by analyzing their fireball pattern and react if you guessed right in that they threw a fireball after or during ur dash. Be more careful around ryu, because at some distances, your ultra’s last hit whiffs, in which case, ryu can ultra you back or do a solar plexus strike into shoryu. Against Sagat, you can dash ultra from full screen, because his hitbox becomes huge after throwing one. against chun li, dhalsim, akuma and ryu, you need to be closer.