Ultra 2 combos



After watching the Dadoop’s Bizarre Combos vid and seeing Zangief actually combo into Siberian Blizzard, obviously I was amazed that this was even possible. It seems to work on the same principle that Hakan does with his Ultra 2. I decided to try working on it myself, getting this obscure skill down to the point that it might be usable in some corner case somewhere. It turns out that this only applies to a select few characters, though who they are (or aren’t) is a bit of a surprise. I tried it against all characters for a short amount of time (once I could get it consistently on one), and here’s the people I found it to affect.

T. Hawk

As you can see, this includes most of the bulky characters, but there’s no real theme here. It’s rather interesting that Abel’s not in there, nor is Seth. In all fairness though, it’s a corner case worth considering for some matchups, and what’s wrong with having a new skill, huh?
For those not yet familiar with this method, you have to land a crumpling focus attack, let the recovery happen, then buffer the 720 so that you get it out just as the opponent is considered to be the strange airborne status crumple has. To help with the timing, a common theme seems to be when their heads start to bob backward. I don’t see any reason why pulling this off with a FADC would fail, but given how many inputs need to be buffered into the dash, it would seem impractical to attempt doing so.

  • A level 3 focus attack has too much recovery for this to work on Abel. A level 2 (or counter hit on level 1) will work just fine.


I have been messing around in training mode and can confirm that it does, in fact, work on Abel. I was able to get it to land after a level 2 focus attack, and have found that by and large using a level 2 FA instead of the level 3 makes it MUCH easier to pull off.


Tronodod is right. Light focus crumple is easier to pull because there’s less stringent timing I think. I pulled it off on a T. Hawk last night. Great feeling. Still, it remains to be a difficult ultra to land. One strategy which I think is most effective is use his 360 kick suplex up close to move people towards the wall. People have a tendency to try and jump and that’s when you jump with and snag them_^) I still need to try it out more to see how often it works. A lot of guesswork unfortunately.


I’ve seen a few videos of this and although it’s interesting, it’s still risky to use as a valid combo (since it doesn’t work on all characters). I wish we had at least 1/2 valid combo options, like maybe using Lariat as anti-air and grabbing them with SB as they’re falling or something of that nature.

Still, I might experiment with this some more.


Speaking as someone that enjoys using focus attacks a lot, the only application I can really see is hitting with a level 2. For example, a Boxer player who really wants his headbutt-ultra to work could go right into my focus, at which point I can get this combo. I’ll test out what’s so special about hitting with level 2 vs. 3 later to see what you guys are talking about.
EDIT: I’ve found a few interesting things with this. Of course, I verified that Abel does get hit after a level 2 focus, and rather easily at that. What interests me more is that, although it’s more difficult to do, you can still dash out and do it. This applies even to level 3. There seems to be no change in the nature of the crumple, only the recovery of the attack in question. Unfortunately, the only use to actually performing a FADC is precisely that you anticipate the level 3 is going to go through (good luck) and perform the movements exactly right to get it working. Now, I’ll still practice on this, but I only see a realistic possibility in landing level 2. If I dash from it, I’ll just go with a grab like I regularly would.

I’d like to note that after trying to get this done from a dash, I’ve retested every character that had previously failed for me. In all cases, a FADC could land a followup hit while they’re still standing, which means if their hitboxes will permit Siberian Blizzard to hit their aerial crumple state, Zangief can practically do it. I checked for just where their aerial states begin with a series of test jabs and did everything I could to get Siberian Blizzard at those times. I got no luck on anyone other than the aforementioned Abel. I certainly don’t mind other people trying (affecting other characters is always positive), but the possibility of this working on any other character is pretty negligible.