Ultra 2 full juggle

I got this in a match recently. It happened against cammy’s dive kick move. I was about to lose the second round and had a full ultra bar so i decided to just throw it out there on wake up. It caught the dive kick as a counter hit (exactly at the peak of cody’s kick) and managed to juggle into the full ultra. The first and fourth wrench hit whiff. Second, third and fifth connect going into the full animation.

Thought i would share in case anyone was trying to figure out how this could be done.

I’ve done the same against Guile’s flash kick.


tl;dr: if the dust hits only once and with its last hit you can juggle him.

hmmm… so if you anti air someone with the HK ruffian and they get launched high enough and you throw out U2, it should juggle? im in school right now so i cant try it at the moment, which is why im asking.

whats “tl;dr:” btw?

“too long didn’t read version”

i think u need to anti air hk ruffian, FADC. but it’s too risky

I shall try this out once im home. Thanks.

I tired and it don’t work unless they need to be EPICLY high in the air from your HK Ruffian.

yeah i tried it to, just didnt post the results right away. Out of like 16 tries i only got it ONCE. You need to AA with the last active frame of the HK ruffian and then dash and dial ultra 2 as fast as possible.

This was actually rare for me.

Shinkuu Kikoken, Meet Shinku Gadoken.

But this is a move that, though it happens, is something you shouldn’t actively look for.