Ultra 2 gimmick (chip kills)

I noticed that blanka’s new ultra (i’m only talking about the ground version from here on out) does about 150 chip damage (120-130 max screen distance). While blanka’s old ultra does the same amount, its incredibly punishable on block, and even if they have 150 or less health, its entirely possible for every character to reversal/avoid/or beat it in some way. This got me to thinking about the new ultra, if it hits from full screen, and theres no way to jump and completely avoid it, wouldn’t this work to finish every match off if they have less than 130 health left? I began to look at how this ultra works and how it can be punished from this distance.

Things to know:
? The first hit is completely jumpable from full screen (can hop towards or away), and hits very low to the ground (some moves that barely lift the character off the ground can avoid it).
? The second hit *** cannot*** be avoided. I tried many different things (ex tatsu’s, teleports, lariats, wall jumps, etc), to no avail, the hitbox just lasts too long to completely avoid. (edit, hakan’s lk super does avoid the full ultra after a neutral jump!)
? During the first hit, blanka is only putting out a ground hitbox (that can be avoided by jumping or holding back for some characters). During the second hit, he puts out a hitbox considerably larger than an ex elec, and i have yet to see any moves beat it (besides shangri-la).
? Blanka is completely immune to projectiles throughout the entire ultra.

Knowing these things, i found that the only way for a character to beat this move is to jump over the first hit, and be able to reach blanka before he gets the second hit out (and thus the huge hitbox around him). If a character is unable to fufill this requirement, they are forced to take the chip damage, and thus lose (assuming they are at less than 120 health).

I tested, to the best of my knowledge, every character’s options from max distance (both character’s backs to the wall) to punish blanka for doing this move. I set blanka to record doing this ultra and went at it:

Abel - fierce wheel kick goes over first hit and hits blanka
Adon - jaguar tooth goes over first hit and hits blanka
Akuma - ex demon flip to kick will hit blanka before the second hit, rh demon flip to sweep option
Balrog (Boxer) - turn around punch, ultra 1, super all punish
Blanka - shout of earth ground version (executed after first blanka’s ultra flash), jump forward - slide
Cammy - jump forward spiral arrow, jump forward ultra 1
Chun-Li - ultra 1 after ultra flash, jump forward c.rh
Cody - jump forward ex ruffian kick, jump forward super, jump forward mk ruffian
C. Viper - ultra 2, super jump forward to j.fp
Dan - jump forward to ex hop kick, walk forward slightly then jump forward j.rh barely hits (tough punish)
Dee Jay - jump forward s.rh
Dhalsim - jump forward j.fp, yoga shangri-la
Dudley - jump forward to rolling thunder, hold back to avoid first hit then ex machine gun blow
E. Honda - holding back during ultra flash (not down back, this makes your hitbox just large enough to be forced to block the first hit), you can ex headbut right after the ultra flash, or you can ultra 1 while he’s pounding his fist for the first hit (again, you need to only hold back for this), also jump forward s.rh hits
El Fuerte - instant wall hop to f.p, jump forward ultra 2
Fei Long - jump forward to ultra 1, jump forward to super, ex chicken wing right after ultra flash, and jump forward f.rekka works
Gen - ultra 2 (the air one that punishes fireballs) right after ultra flash, jump forward s.rh
Gouken - ex demon flip to kick, rh demon flip to sweep
Guile - jump forward s.rh
Guy - demon flip to elbow, jump forward rh
Hakan - jump forward f.rh (however, you can avoid the ultra by neutral jumping and then timing a lk super as late as possible and holding the charge through the whole thing). This leaves you right next to him during his cooldown to likely punish with ultra 1, or any of his bnb’s.
Ibuki - jump forward f.kunai, jump forward super
Juri - jump forward f dive kick
Ken - jump forward instant ex tatsu barely hits him, also jump forward instant rh.tatsu works but no ultra punish right after.
Makoto - ultra 2 after ultra flash, hold back and ex hayate after first hit, jump forward quick f.fp
M. Bison (Dictator) - head stomp, ultra 2 after ultra flash
Rose - jump forward s.rh
Rufus - ultra 2, jump forward ultra 2, jump forward fp
Ryu - walk forward slightly and then jumping rh barely hits him (probably hardest punish i’ve seen)
Sagat - rh tiger knee (tight timing) over first hit to uppercut before second hit, ex tier knee (lenient timing) to upper cut, either
rh or ex knee to ultra 1, rh knee to super, super after ultra flash.
Sakura - ex jump smash (the leaping punch move), jump forward s.rh
Seth - jump forward rh, ultra 1 after ultra flash (only projectile i saw that hit him, edit, turns out this isn’t a projectile, its a hit)
T. Hawk - jump forward to condor dive
Vega (Claw) - ultra 1 after ultra flash, sky high claw (claw on/off doesn’t matter)
Zangief - jump forward to ex green hand

Conclusions: After further testing, and some great help from the community it is generally a bad idea to do this as all characters can punish w/o ex meter (except for dudley and zangief who only need 1 ex bar to punish)

Please let me know if any of this is incorrect! (thanks guys for the corrections so far!)

From what I’ve seen, at absolute max distance, the first hit doesn’t reach your opponent at all. They’re free to just wait for the second hit to jump over. I’m almost certain I watched an opponent do that today. For the second point, did you try air tatsus at all? When executed at the right moment of the jump, those’ll send Ken and Ryu slowly floating across the top of the screen (like when trying to get out of the corner). I’d be surprised if that didn’t avoid it.

In regards to the list of punishes, you’re saying they only work if executed before the hitbox immediately surrounding Blanka from the second hit appears? Meaning otherwise that hitbox takes priority over their attempted punish? That’d make sense, since today I went to chip kill a T. Hawk, he jumped and did a condor dive and an animation similar to the AA version connecting occurred, beating out his dive clean.

Yeah, i did notice that at the very max range, the very first hit didn’t connect, but if you move forward just a bit, you get clipped. Thus, the best way to move in on blanka to punish, is to jump over the first hit.

Second point, i tried to many different tatsu’s and teleports. Akuma jumping just before the second hit, ex air tatsu will stll get clipped by the very last hitbox that comes out, it lasts for a long time. I found this to be the case with gouken, ryu, dhalsim (teleport), dhalsim (tower), etc.

Third point, yes, exactly. You have to interrupt blanka before the second hitbox comes out, otherwise your forced to take chip, or damage (unless you air grab with shangri-la). The hitbox surrounding blanka is huuuge.

Does the first hit break focus? IIRC you could FA the first hit of U1 in SFIV.

BTW, a much easier meterless punish for Ken is jump forward, f.mk.

yes it does break focus. I noticed when trying rog’s ex rush punches that i saw the focus breaking glass. Also when i tried abel’s ultra 2 it did the same so i assume all the hits focus break.

Dee Jay can EX or just throw a fierce projectile at the end of the ultra. You’re in recovery frames and it hits.

this list isn’t for what people can do after the ultra, im assuming the ultra kills due to chip (i assume every character in the game can punish afterwards). Unless i misunderstood you.

You list “No Punish” for Cody, but at max. range i could jump forward over the first stomp and then do an ex-ruffan kick to slide cleanly into Blanka and hit him without taking damage. And if you’re too close to Blanka to jump forward just jump up and then ex-ruffan kick.

Not sure but with Ryu i did a mk air-tatsu before the first stomp at the peak of the jump (the one where he almost flies forward/down in a straight line) and i could hit Blanka before the 2nd stomp. I had to try 10 times to get it out though (my execution skills suck though).

Maybe i’m doing something wrong here … i put Blanka on playback with the Ultra and moved my characters as far away as the game let me. Then wait for the Ultra and try to hit him.

Chun Li Can Ultra 1 that from full screen, going through the first shock and hitting him before he gets out the 2nd.

Edit: Also Her walking backward state completely avoids the first shock from full screen for whatever reason so she can get a little more charge time out of that, but she still has to act quickly in order to punish.

I’ll look into these and update the post if they do work, (im sure the cody one works, didn’t think of it)

You may wanna try Ken`s u2 :wink:

iirc, kens ultra 2 comes very close to hitting blanka and then he gets nailed

You have no idea how many matches I have won because of this thread. Thanks.

Honda can EX Headbutt after the first hit, you just need to time it a split second after the first wave hits the ground.

It’s pretty funny seeing your opponent try and escape the ultra by jumping. This ultra has made closing out tight matches easier. Just hop back and do the ultra.

Cody can punish with jump forward then ruffian kick

Ken can air kara ex hurricane and land whatever Ultra he has once he hits blanka.

Here’s the hitboxes where the ultra hits (red = where it hits):

PPP version: If they are anywhere above you, they get zapped. Not sure what happens if they attack you from the ground when you activate it.

1st hitbox: 1st

2nd hitbox:2nd

3rd when inactive:3rd

KKK version: Hits 3 times

1st Hitbox (when he slams down the first fist):1st

2nd Hitbox(2nd fist):2nd

3rd Hitbox:3rd

Some great info here guys, i’ll set it up tomorrow and see if i can come up with some others. I’m loving Blanka’s U2 at the moment, though i am have some trouble with execution.

For those with execution problems try :db::d::df::d::db::l::ub:

Hold back down for charge, then hit the 3 corners: down forward, down back, and up back.

Works fast!