Ultra 2 Glitch

Hi this has happened a few times in the last days but the most blatant and bullshit time happened right now.

If you get cornered and try to catch a cross up with U2 it will do this weird thing were vega will start animation and end up sliding towards “wall” and miss opponent, your opponent gets safely reset a few feet from you facing your back. Basically you miss your ultra and end up helpless.

Right now some ryu tried to crossup tatsu me in the corner and I did motion, basically I was going to hit him for sure and there was no way to block since he had not landed yet and cooldown wouldnt allow it and BAM that thing happened and I got killed.

If nobody has had this happen to them yet and want to see it feel free to FR me since I have no other way to upload the video

GT Terracio

Upon watching the replay over and over and going slowmotion it seems that the Ryu in question sort of “lands” on Vega as he starts to slide but doesnt hit him, I’m guessing inv frames(although wouldnt he be supposed to still land?), and as Vega moves Ryu kind of slides off from him landing behind him as I described above.

I figure this is what has happened every other time. But it’s still pretty ridiculous since in its ignoring the inv frames it seems and in this case you can’t punish the crossup and if it auto corrects you can’t escape corner. Basically you can’t be “too” cornered and need more space for them to land.

Anyway sorry if already known, thought it would be useful for others.

not in my exp. playing against ryu’s…i tend to whiff the u2 and end up on the other side of the screen if they attempt to crosss me up with air hurricane kick…and if they land in front of me with a hurricane kick i tend to hit them with my u2…interesting tho

U2 has more i-frames than Cammy’s U1.

I know because I used it trying to chip kill a Cammy at close range and she did her U1 as a reversal against my U2.

Vega’s ultra won. Vega actually has more i-frames than someone else! I couldn’t fucking believe it!

Yup yup, this has happened probably about 10 times to me so far haha. For a while I was just trying to ultra 2 EVERYTHING so that I could start to see what it catches and what it doesn’t. The issue is that the ULTRA was probably executed a bit too early and would normally slide underneath the opponent at midscreen. The wall doesn’t stop you from mistiming it and sliding underneath, but makes it look a little glitchy since it seems like it should help you catch the crossup.

Alternatively, the wall might also be helping the tatsu-ing character from flying into the range of Splendid Claw, when normally it WOULD catch at mid screen. Just speculation.

Vega isn’t alone with this problem though, I know I’ve seen the exact same problem happen at the wall to another character at least once. I think it was Cammy, perhaps she can miss her super/ultra1 in the same way.

Yeah this has happened to me. Not sure if this is really a glitch or just hitboxes acting in strange ways, but i guess if you go to early vega goes right under them and inbetween them and the corner.

Kinda sucks. Just means you gotta time the ultra properly as in most other cases.

I suppose you’re talking about [media=youtube]O7GiDNDxfew#t=1m22s"[/media], right?

thats y i go with u1 for crossups, it either gets you on the opposite side of the screen or you hit them while theyre still in the air.

That’s exactly it. Thanks for finding a vid. It’s happened to me a few times too.