Ultra 2? I might actually stick with Ultra 1

Yea I’ll agree I’ll use Hosenka against those I know I can land it against like Shotos or Honda. I’m wanna try out U2 because it seems many more characters are more offensive in a sense and would be more in your face. As I said I don’t have the game yet because I have to wait till I get back home from school but I would like to try it out against matchups like Rufus or Akuma who tend to play close to chun. Also I’ve been hearing Dudley has some problems with getting out-footsied so I would like to try that out too if I can confirm U2 from a good amount of things.

Az, I disagree somewhat.

I think Chun and Akuma should go in the either/or category. Having U1 available shuts down fireball options for both characters, whereas if you are using U2, Chun and Akuma can fireball all day long. Not that Chun wants to do that, but Akuma probably doesn’t mind.

Well I think Chun Li not having a reliable “get off me” move was the reason she died to Akuma vortex. One untech knockdown could end the round for Chun Li pretty much off breaks. That match was pretty much 7-3 in his favor because of that IMO. I mean his vortex is toned down a bit in Super so maybe that should give more incentive to use U1 against him since he does shit damage any ways. Though despite the “low damage” of Ultra 2 the utility as an anti air is pretty undeniable and u get an untech knockdown afterwards too. Chun Li is one of those characters where she could probably do with either Ultra even if there’s slight reasons to use one ultra over another. Both of her Ultras are extremely useful (unlike Viper sigh…).

Agreed. U1 definitely still has its uses… you wouldnt want a free raw ultra if the akuma air fireballs?

^You don’t like her new one DJ? :frowning:

If this is what’s happening, then it’s serving it’s other purpose which is to shut down moves. Honda can’t headbutt/whiff ochio to build meter, Adon cant jagger tooth, Blanka can’t do half of his moves OR U1 unless it’s point blank, Abel pretty much has to hit confirm his COD and wheel kick is shut down etc. It’s not just that everyone needs to be more careful with their fireballs. They have to adjust their game so they don’t throw out something you’re looking for (especially from a distance) which in turn gives you more freedom to do other stuff or forces them to come to you.
U2 is gonna shut down a lot more jumpin games though. 3 or 4 of her AA combo directly into it and the other AA can lead to a reset/ground mixup into U2.

So much IF with ultra 1. When I use ultra 2, it’s about WHEN.

Still GDLK.

Oh and Viper’s Ultra 2 is ass for anything but random predicting against air normals and stuffing Gief lariat (which is not bad but not really safe unless they whiff a PPP one). They literally made Viper’s ultra 2 so that she would be easier to play. Ultra 1 is easily better. I thought they were going to make her Ultra 2 useable on the air or ground but when I realized the ultra was air based only that pretty much killed most of the utility it could have had.

Very good point.
Chun Li dont often hit U1. We can win without it. But with U2, we will hit at almost evey round. So it is just a bonus.

I rather have a ultra that I hit every round than a more powerful ultra that I dont hit so often.

It’s not about the damage for me, it’s about options. A smart player will stop fireballing if Chun has Ultra 1 stocked, whereas if Chun has Ultra 2, he can keep playing a runaway-fireball game all day.

It’s not about how often you can land it, its the idea of shutting/limiting options just from having it.

Ultra 1 will certainly stop sagat from being a fagg0t zoning you out with tiger shots all day while with U2 he can still proceed to be a fagg0t shooting tiger shots.

But IMO Sagat can still be an asshole to play against if he isn’t throwing out fireballs and just trying to bait you into Ultra, it’s a mindgame that works both ways.

True but he’s less of an asshole without his tiger shot zoning fully intact lol, the mind game still works in your favor though, you can pretty much wait till you actually see the projectile on the screen and then punish it.

Agree to disagree…

So i was playing it yesterday after the midnight release and im goin to say most ppl are goin to make the switch. Yes it is ridiculously easy to combo into. it felt like playing rufus almost, just jumping around fishing for ultra without FADCing into one. there’s no charge needed, and if they cross you, you can still perform U2. for some reason, bison’s U1 comes to mind. but not having to charge to perform ultra, makes it feel like chun is more offensive minded in my humble opinion. hahaha, but seriously, the U1 was pretty unreliable and only viable against fireball spamming, and corners for “certain” characters. U2 is viable anywhere on the screen on everyone. It’s a great tool for jump ins and good for anti airs. I havent confirmed yet for crossovers or how it works on deep jumpins… but it feels like it stuffs most jump in situations. will have to test more of course. but it feels good. And it makes playing keep away and playing defense more viable also… in my humble opinion… a defensive and offensive tool… awesome. and last but not least. its good as chip damage without burning meter. i did it a couple of times after knocking them down, a meaty U2 to chip damage. before i would have trouble closing when they have slivers of life left safely… have yet to play a fire ball spammer so we’ll have to see but i have a feeling Chun will be ok, we still have hashanshu still… over even better hansanshu>EK legs> U2… awesome.

well, I think its character specefic like skatan said. Against fireball character=U1
non fireball=u2
but ranked mode(and other) have blind select, so we cant counterpick with ultra.

^Nah you can see which character has been selected after both of you pick characters, so if you wait until after your opponent has picked his/her character before you select your ultra , you should be able to counterpick if you desire.

This is correct.

opponent’s defeat from Kikosho tick damage is going to generate a ton of “broken” comments from other character users.

U1 has its uses mainly against shotos and a select few others as well. U2 has more uses against people that wouldn’t normally fear U1 much. If I knew the enemy was ken, ryu, akuma etc and they are going to spam fireballs, I would pick U1 to make people think about shooting too many projectiles. For all other people I use U2 because of how useful it is in so many situations compared to U1. They are both great ultras to use in general but being as proactive as I am, U2 fits my mentality most of the time.

I’m going to be sticking with just using the one appropriate for specific matchups.
The only exception will be Sagat and Guile. I’ll use Ultra 2 for that.

I think one of the things that drew me to using Chun was her flexibility (literally too) to use all her tools the way you need to. I don’t think one ultra is better than the other because they both serve a purpose.