Ultra 2 in AE

unsure whether this is new thread worth but i was watching a few vids online and saw this one
skip forward to 2.00 and watch as bison lands a focus attack he dashes in and ultra 2. from the character animation it look as if he’s inputting 2xqcf but i was under the impression they had changed the imput to a charge same as ultra 1?
if this is old news i apologise just thought it was interesting, opinions?

He does the same movement again at 3.00 i got excited and posted before i finished the vid lol

Ultra 2 is b,f,b,f+PPP in AE.

He could have just been hitting db, f, db, f+PPP.

i can confirm that it is b,f,b,f + PPP. i just played him yesterday, just be sure to hit them forward inputs properly or teleport and die

So, Bison is pretty much back to where he was in vanilla with this change. I had switched from him awhile ago~ but this is beyond disappointing for me. Has anyone really acknowledged why they did this to him? Not saying he has no value, but the U2 being able to counter projectiles on reaction is one of the reasons he was even effective in Super~ and with this, it’s just, I don’t know.

I’m back after a long hiatus from the board, but damn I wish I had stayed away longer just to come back to read this. Why did AE even have to be made if it’s going to do stuff like this?

Oh, so it’s like the same motion for a Sonic Hurricane (for example). Thanks, I’ve been wanting to know what the new input was for a while!

B,f,b,f+PPP is better than qcf,qcf for psycho punisher.

Some love the command change, some hate it because it puts its usefulness below U1 which imo is pretty useless. I would say they were trying to remove the 50/50 setups with U2 but most of those are still there.

The only reason people said this was cause they couldnt adjust from quarter circle motions to charge and back on the fly. QCF is superior, but I’d argue charge is better if you could partition.

Partitioning is less useful since it’s a preemptive (guessing/random) factor. Charge is superior for reaction (confirming/absolute) Ultra landing.

can someone please list the 50/50 set ups that will still be viable (edit: or possible rather) in arcade edition with the command change? Thanks.

The recovery on U2 has increased on block so Bison will be sitting there for a while now…

Wasn’t a fan of motion change for U2 until I played it. Honestly it doesn’t make that much of a difference. In fact it actually feels more natural having a charge character with a charge Ultra. Haven’t had to change my play style to adjust with the ultra at all.

U2 also got a damage buff correct?

yeah it did. Still should be an auto kill on any female character though. c wat i did thar

and um can someone answer my question about 50/50 setups still being around?

Does U2 do more damage than U1 now? I did hell attack into near immediate U2 (on AE) and missed. I was too slow, but since it’s a charge Ultra and since U1 is so lenient, I usually like charging for longer than necessary because I’d rather not get an accidental TP out. If U2 does more damage than U1, it’d make it worth using even though the timing off j. mp x 2 is stricter. if it doesn’t… then I might as well go back to U1 for most matchups.

U1 still does more damage than U2 in AE.

It does about 30 more damage than AE U2, IIRC.

I feel like U1 is better when you have to get in their face a lot or they get into your face a lot too. U2 is still excellent for heavy zoning and very punishable characters that have long whiff animations on some moves because of being able to hit from faraway.

lol no it isn’t. There are FAR too many punishes I use this in. For instance, jump over somebody and bait a throw counter, or empty DR to bait a throw attempt, but ultra instead. Now I can’t do that anymore (well, I can TECHNICALLY do it with the DR).

Fireball wars, now I have to turtle in order to get off my ultra. Footsies, when you’re walking back and forth trying to bait shit out or setup something, you can no longer rely on PP.

Barring the huge damage increase I’ve read about, I’m probably going back to Ultra 1, or better yet, leaving Bison as somebody I throw out from time to time.

Truth be told, I don’t really use Bisons ultra’s much anyways