Ultra 2 in Akuma Mirrors

Hey guys, just posting something I found about ultra 2 in Akuma mirrors, since I haven’t seen anyone make a thread about it.

  Ultra 2 can act as an anti-demon teleport move. Since the demon will always start after you started teleporting, it's fairly easy to just spam up and kkk after, and it will catch a super demon or a ultra demon at any distance.

  It can also be used as the demon to catch teleports as well. The timing is you safe jump the other akuma and immediately use teleport in the direction you think they are headed in, and cancel into Ultra 2 as late as the frames will allow you to. The only hitch here is that you have to not only predict the direction, but whether it's a ppp or a kkk teleport as well. Ppp teleport will catch ppp teleport, and kkk teleport will catch kkk teleport. Or you can just cancel into Ultra 2 earlier in ppp teleport. The other akuma can not cancel into his own Ultra 2 because by the time you execute yours, he will already be in his last 16 frames. If he tries to predict your move and prematurely cancels into his own Ultra 2 when you are both teleporting along each other, all you have to do is do yours during his animation, and you will automatically hit him since his came out first.

 It's just something I found interesting and probably important because if you have ultra 2 vs another akuma with sgs, you will be immune from super demon and ultra demon on wakeup and can teleport every single time(as well as option select tatsu), while he is still vulnerable to your own version of anti-teleport. Though it is harder to use, it also does not waste the ultra if you go in the wrong direction like Ultra 1, so you can try this every time you get a knockdown. I hope you can find this information helpful.

yeah ive been using u2 against akumas lately, its pretty cool

I’ve personally just been plugging U2 into combos lately rather than using setups. I love how one jump in attack on most of the cast essentially guarantees a U2 without the need to gobble meter.

On Akuma in particular an EX flip on a poorly placed fireball gains a free U2 from full screen away which is pretty neat. I’m also finding U2 pretty handy versus Ryu provided you keep a keen eye out for openings to plug it into a combo.

I’ve posted about this a few times in the correct threads. I like to do jumpin (normally crossup) to OS teleport, if they teleport you get the DA in their recovery. So it stops demon and beats teleport as well. Still lose other good setups, like safe sweeps etc.

Whenever I have U2, i find myself throwing more hail mary ultra’s or just teleporting at exactly the wrong times, just hoping for my opponent to stick a move out so i can ultra him. For that reason, i try to limit my U2 usage :smiley: