Ultra 2 kara-cancel



Hey guys,

Any clue on how to kara-cancel Rog’s U2 ?

I tried several times but haven’t succeeded yet, not even once. How I did was : charge back -> half-circle back PP -> half-circle back PPP.

The first half-circle back PP actually inputs the EX dash straight. I figured that going from there, adding an other half-circle back PPP would be an easy job, which turned out to be an almost impossible command to pull out.

Does anyone know how to perform that U2 kara-cancel ?

It is shown at 0:23 here :



That’s Armor canceled… I think…looks like it could just be Focus dash foward u2 but idk.
Not Kara cancel, that’s something else.

Armor cancel input…with OS, I guess would be back charge then Half circle back, PPP ALL THREE, and HOLD them down!
then another HCB and release the kicks.

Theory goes this should give you the ultra2 if they trigger the OS by inputing a move. otherwise you’ll just get a dash straight.


Actually, it is kara cancel. Kara means canceling a normal or special move with another move, before the first move gets executed. For that reason, it has to occur during the very first frames of the move that won’t eventually come out. Hence “kara throw”, meaning that, for instance, Ken’s forward MK won’t happen as it is canceled with a throw. Kara means you cancel a move before its execution (well before most of its start-up frames).

As for Balrog, only his EX dash punches provide kara canceling (which enables you to benefit from their properties, in this case, armor properties).


True but if you’re asking how to do it you will have more luck using the term armour cancel.

You’re right though it is a Kara I guess just not in the traditional sense.


It is not a kara cancel, its ARMOUR CANCEL, Kara cancel is cancelling one move with another during the startup, but ARMOUR cancel only happens if there is a “hit” detected, if there is no hit the move doesn’t come out. and by the way you have only about 3 frames from the impact to the last button press


Oh, I had never heard of that phrase. I was saying it wasn’t FADC Ultra 2. Well, if armour cancel means something that only gets kara’d when hit, well that’s true then, what I’m looking for is a way to armour cancel Balrog’s Ultra 2.

So now that we’re good about how to name it, how about we think about how to do what we’ve just agreed how to name ?


70% Sure I already nailed how to do it, the best person to ask is always enigmatic though, dude know’s so much.

But yeh:
HCB - PPP (HOLD the punch buttons down!) - HCB - Release the PPP.
I think we were discussing at one stage that HCB is one of the strictest motions in the game, ie you have to hit all the points, so this seems pretty difficult.

I only came up with that motion because to armour cancel the ultra 1 is:
Back - Foward - Back + KKK(HOLD the kick buttons down!) - Foward + Release the KKK.


But that’s the thing, I’ve tried that for like a million time but I’m not sure that a charge motion also counts as circle motion. While it worked for Ultra 1, I think maybe that was only because that first charge motion was also part of the U1 command… ?


Yeah that’s why you don’t do a charge motion, you do a HCB, but if you’re going(going to use keypad notation here)
4563214 PPP (you will get an ex dash punch because of the 4 -> 6) you have to make sure you’re pressing the punches back at the 4 though.
then if you repeat this and release the punches. 4563214 -p-p-p- you’ve done the Ultra 2 motion and also initially you have done the ex move to cancel from.

I think the important part is holding the punches and using the negative edge when you get back to the 4.

(dammit now I’m real keen to try this when i get home even though i’ll never use it)


unfortunately I dont have a console and my PC is down, but if you follow the general rule of armor cancels the ex move and the ultra or whatever will have to sync together so looking at face value it can be possible this way

charge down/back then HCB x2 :3k::3p:

now due to linency the game will recognize KKK as ex-upper and the PPP as the ultra. so if a move connects it will cancel into Ultra2 if not you will get ex upper.


@Polenkyes : be my guest!

@ugo_2u : will try this out and let you know