Ultra and Super Moves with a keyboard



I am new to Street Figher 4 and was just wondering if there is a way to do the super and ultra moves with a keyboard and mouse. I tried doing them but it doesn’t seem that there is a way to do it with the arrow keys on a keyboard. Do I have to buy a controller or gamepad?

Thank you!


You don’t use the mouse in SFIV, but it’s definitely possible to do the super/ultra motions on keyboard. What one(s) are you trying to do?

As it happens, I use a keyboard-style layout and the only motions I find difficult in USFIV are 720s and those crazy TKChargePretzels some characters have. For your standard 2xCQF/QCB, 2xHCf/HCB, charge back-forward-back-forward/down-up-down-up, etc. the motions aren’t that difficult. It’s really just a matter of making sure that your inputs are clean (comes with practice) and that you don’t have a crazy layout where you’re running into ghosting issues if you use a cheap keyboard.



  1. Remap your movement buttons like this:
    Left - a
    Down - s
    Right - d
    Up - spacebar

  2. Do your ultra motions.

  3. Thank me.


I’m having trouble doing the Oni super and ultra moves. I managed to do his special ones though


Oni’s Ultras are all double-quarter-circle motions, which aren’t that difficult. Can you do a fireball consistently? If you’ve got that down, just think of it as doing two of them quickly but only pressing the button after the second motion.

The super is a Raging Demon motion, which isn’t affected by the keyboard layout at all because there’s only one direction used. All I can suggest is that you practice the LP, LP, LK, HP combination until that feels natural, then insert the forward in there to complete it.


I figured it out. I did not know that you had to hit all three punch buttons at once to do the ultra. Your advice to practice LP, Lp, Lk, Hp worked also. I can do the raging demon pretty well now. Thanks for all your help.