Ultra attacks


im new so Street Fighter 4 and i am not able to succesfully make an ultra attack. I am able to make the super attack but not the ultra. As requested i push for example on sagat 3 times a kick button but it is not working can anybody help me on this ?

Is there anything else i need to push or a certain high or low combination ?

Would apreciate any help. Thanks

“Uh-oh” and :rofl:

Well, before you get destroyed I’ll grant you some wisdom: You are supposed to press all three buttons at the same time, not in succesion.

Its not kick buttons 3 times. Its all 3 kick buttons at the same time. Please direct your questions to the Street Fighter 4 section of the forum though. Also I’m sure most of the things you want to ask have been answered, so do read the threads in the general and your character’s sections before making a new thread.

There’s an SFIV forum.
Also, you didn’t press the button three times in a row did you? If you did, I’ll be really sad…

Tanks a lot

You are also supposed to post in the correct (Street Fighter IV) forum.