ULTRA C.Viper Match-up Thread

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How to punish jaguar tooth? I think he recovers before thunder knuckle hits him

You should have enough time to react to the jaguar tooth and ex seismo before he hits you. Your primary punish for jaguar tooth is EX seismo because it covers a lot of jaguar tooth range and is invulnerable on startup.

Huh? Viper’s c.MK has 7f startup. Adon doesn’t have anything that is -7 on block except for ultras and DPs. LK Tooth is “-4” but pushback makes it unpunishable, same for EX Tooth. Both throw and c.MK xx are not punishes.

This is correct.

My bad. I thought EX Jaguar could be punished by cr. mp (not cr. mk, my mistake) xx mp tk because EX jt is -5 on block. Didn’t know that pushback makes it unpunishable.

Sorry if I’m slow at this guys, trying to find/recompile all this info is tough lol. I’m about to post what I had written for Abel back when 2012 came out and modify it for Ultra. Most of her matchups havent changed THAT much so most of that info should still be good.

I imagine mining through 4 years of thread could take some time…

I’m here for moral support.

If anyone finds info on CHARACTER SPECIFIC setups ie: really good option selects vs. certain characters that still work for Ultra I’d appreciate the help. Also let me know how the Abel section looks because I plan on doing pretty much the same thing with each character. First a small introduction, then pros/cons of the character, going over each of their important moves and whether or not they can be punished, followed by a general strategy. The biggest thing that I’m looking to add to that formula is the character specific stuff.

I can only think of a couple setups i would even put in this thread, but mainly I would just mention some good option selects that beat the most likely wakeup options for characters for when they do and don’t have meter or ultra. like OS’ing super jump vs ex tk against akuma’s that use U2. Or the st. lk - j. back rh. OS vs blanka to beat ex rainbow balls. Stuff like that.

Updated info up until Balrog, read through and tell me how much i suck at this lol. Not sure what to do for the mirror matchup, just leave it blank or actually try?

How the eff do you approach the Cammy matchup? She is impossible to vortex because her dp auto corrects so well and her normals destroy Vipers. Also Air Throw > SJ burn kick in

Without taking away focus from the forthcoming Cammy section, I’ll just say this: her DP is not 3 frames so it can be safe jumped, I suggest learning about Vipers safe jumps. Secondly, most players know to look out for SJ burn kick to try and get in on them, AND that burn kick is not the best air-to-air move, so getting hit out of it when you do it as a way to get in is pretty common. You have to realize burn kick is pretty much the first thing people learn to deal with when trying to learn the Viper matchup. Use it sparingly.

It’s good that you ask questions, and I hope this thread helps out players in your situation.

On Cammy:

I get a chance to play against Chi rithy’s Cammy so I can only share what I know about this matchup from the experience I have against his Cammy.

-You have to play defensive at first using your seismo feints and Seismo game.

-You want to stay just outside her Standing HK range so that you have the advantage and can Anti air her jumpings. Its crucial that your on point with your anti airs against her. At this range you can pressure with Medium thunderknuckles, Crossup or non crossup burnkicks and Lp Thunderknuckles and Ex seismos

-Punish every whiff DP with Fierce Seismo into burnkick to continue pressure

-Punish Ultra 1 by Holding Up back just before the last sequence of the ultra so that you get a funky crossup Jump RH into FFF combo of death for the maximum punish

-NEW IN ULTRA! If you FADC your medium thunder knuckle on cammy while she’s crouching you pass through her! In the corner this can be devastating for Ex: FFF, Medium Thunderknuckle FADC, (other side) St.Mp,C.Mp Ultra!

-Punish Random Spiral Arrow’s with Crouching Fierce Feint Fierce Feint c.mk, medium thunder knuckle, I believe this is the maximum punish and it is a new punish in ultra due to the increase range of the c.mk it will show them to stop doing random arrows when their offense is stale.

Don’t let cammy get In! I know it sounds crazy but that’s your goal maul her before she maul’s you also don’t jump in on her at all your just asking to get dped.

That’s all i got for now hopefully this helps a bit

Thanks it’s hard to chain seismo cammy away. Feints aren’t that quick in recovery. I feint focus back dash and she what she does a lot. On block the only thing I can punish SA with on block is throw.

Thanks again for all the input err body

Also, I have ready every single post here on the Bipson matchup and watch every video out there of Latif vs Bipson, but I cannot win this matchup. I have no answer for scissor kick pressure, he gets out of vortex too easily, seismo doesn’t really scare him or make up for the damage he does.
I try lots of L thunder knuckle but it loses to what I assume is his S.forward. On wakeup it seems like his crouching kicks beat EVERYTHING I try to do. I have no way to turn the tides on wakeup and make him pressured. Ideally I would like to pressure two axis at once, but I am not sure how to do that. But Bipson struggles against characters who can do that.

I’m getting pretty frustrated with Viper. I lost my B rank today…which is weird assuming I should be way better since I got B rank because I have maybe a thousand or so more matches under my belt with her since getting there. My main is Guile and I can turn off my brain and beat most of Viper’s bad matchups so it makes me wonder why the heck is Viper tiered so much higher than Guile. I like her more because she’s technical and more fun, but I literally can just use 3 moves with Guile and watch my opponents beat themselves. To be fair, though, I have recently picked up Viper (in AE’s twilight) and I have been playing Guile since Vanilla. Also its frustrating because a lot of Vipers bad matchups are free to other characters like Guy and Honda. I get frustrated when I have no answer to Honda just using jumping normals over and over (I would just air throw with Guile).

With Viper there’s a plateau it sounds wierd to say but the more simple you actually play her the better you do with her. I’ve been there before man just stick it out and just practice. As for seismo chaining cammy you don’t want to do that as she can Focus dash forward and spiral you so what you do is you hit that bitch with a medium thunder knuckle cancel to let her know whatsup.