Ultra Cammy - Changes & Discussion Thread

Hello gang, it’s been awhile. Let’s use this thread to discuss the confirmed changes to Cammy in USF4. :slight_smile:

Here are the confirmed changes of we know so far, according to Capcom’s EVO presentation:


(taken from http://www.capcom.co.jp/blog/sf4/saikyo_blog/2013/07/18_7412.html)

I’d like to point out that the google translation from Japanese -> English doesn’t quite match what is written originally.

Mainly… the “reduce ability to win in two combos” line has been changed to “You will not be able to safely combo from Cannon Strike”. The google translation is pretty clear cut and it doesn’t just look like a mistranslation.

So what does this mean? My guess would be that we have reduced blockstun and hitstun on Cannon Strike to compensate for the minimum height requirement being lowered. Maybe something like another -2/-2 on hit/block, so that we can’t do crossup strike into cl.mp and have it combo on some characters as it does now. (Refer to my [old chart](Cannon Strike Hit/Block Advantage (all heights) for the current advantage on hit/block)

As for the height reduction, I’d guess that it will be slight, maybe to AE Yun/Yang-like levels (7F instead of 10F minimum height). This minimum height was pretty broken for the twins (especially Yun) in vanilla AE since they could use it to nail crouch techs for full combos much like we used to do in (S)SF4. But with Cammy’s much slower divekick startup (it’s 5F slower than Yun’s), this wouldn’t be possible for her since the enemy’s cr.short would recover in time for them to block. This seems like the most logical change; I doubt that we’re going to get full TKCS back as that picture would seem to imply. (Capcom has a knack for overstating buffs and not revealing nerfs)

I’ll keep this updated as more info becomes available.

Your thoughts?

Welcome back teyah.

As long as I can connect a cr jab from oki strike it’s Ok for me. from there we can go to any of her standard bnbs.

I wonder how “safe” mk strike will be for oki (safe from reversals. But is it safe on block?)

Or crossup strike on block :frowning:

Why are they changing regular strike… All the complains are against ex strike.

Sounds like we gotta work harder. I wonder if a nerfed TKCS will make up for that :\

If you make regular strike seem functional to a balance team, then they would have no problem nerfing EX strike as to be at best a waste of meter.

So the expectation is -2/-2 on block/hit frame advantage reduction on regular strike.

The rumored one is -5f reduction???

the crazy one is -5 on block from a low strike (TK? Or not? We don’t know yet) :frowning:

Wow if it is -5/-5, then they would need to bring back TKCS in full. Since it would be not practical to combo off of normal (AE) height strikes in most neutral or oki situations.

The other option is to make it more like SFxT where there’s a much larger gap between hit/block. In SF4 it has always been 3F less safe on block (eg. +3/0) but in SFxT it is 9F less safe on block (eg. +3/-6). But this would make it super risky to use at pretty much all heights so I can’t see them going too far in this direction.

But even if they reduce the hitstun -2/-2 (which i hope is the worst case scenario) I think in most cases it’s still possible to followup with a cr.LP since some of the crossup strikes seem to hit really low (Sagat after backthrow, Ryu after HK Dive etc.) and only deep and early MK / LK Strikes would be more or less safe on hit or block. But if we get a TKCS in exchange which allows us to combo I will be happy though lol

Meanwhile at Crapcom:

So how we feeling about them not even mentioning Cammy @ NEC this past weekend. KBrad must’ve been walking around depressed after rocking.