Ultra changes (location test)



final changes:

original post (reminisce and weep, R.I.P +2 jab)

  • Ultra 2 is now 5f : start up frame ?, someone tells me is it fucking true or not !!!

however, +2 on block c.lp , is it confirmed ???



  • Blocked Cosmic Heel is +2 frame advantage

  • Ultra 2 is now 5f


Hm Not mention of crLP though

But if this sticks (esp. CH) then fuck crLP!

  • Blocked Cosmic Heel is +2 frame advantage

  • Ultra 2 is now 5f

  • Ultra 1 now has invincibility, number of frames currently unknown

  • EX Scarlet Terror now invincible for first 4 frames


Engraving : I subscribed your channel, it was fun
How do you think about the potential application of Blocked Cosmic Heel and Ultra 2 combo


Cosmic heel we had in super. U2 will be easier off cosmic heel and possible from non counter hit cr.mk.

Not to mention we’re less safe jumpable now.


I got it now, thank


So much hearsay right now, EX ST invincibility was already removed again from the list


ranges for Cosmic Heel please…





hmm did you mean any hitbox alterations? I doubt it, just block stun changes.


I meant max spaced and min spaced ranges.

Capcom actual;ly fixing hitboxes…lol. that will never happen


They did fix exfba’s hitbox back in super, and viper’s cr.mk now it seems, etc. Dont be unfair. They will also fix our cr.hp hitbox. I feel it


ohh it’s all so quiet…

No more reliable infos? Not a single japanese Claw fan with a twitter Account?

Must I really wait for the US loc tests?


uryo and kim says he’s really strong

Claw: (JPN - Balrog / USA - Vega)



Test: To see if Vega’s cr.LP is +2 on block.

Scenario: Vega vs Ryu. Have Vega do cr.LP 3 times against Ryu, and see if Ryu can mash jab and score a trade.

— Answered ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Test: Frame Advantage of RCF on block, all versions (if this is too much, then just MP)

Scenario: Vega vs Vega. Have Vega do RCF. Have the opponent Vega try to punish them on block, in the following order:

Attempt to punish each version of RCF with the following normals:

crMP (4 frame startup)

cr.HP (5 frame startup)

cr.MK (6 frame startup)

st.MP (7 frame startup) – may not reach opponent - Fei EX Rekka would do it.

st.MK (8 frame startup)

Kim: vega is able to block every time

Test: To see if EX aFBA (Flying Barcelona Attck) whiffs on certain opponents in the corner, after a confirmed cr.mp.

Scenario: Vega vs Ryu. Put a crouching Ryu in the corner. Have Vega do cr MK cr.MP xx EX FBA on Ryu, and see if the EX FBA hits, or whiffs completely over him.

Kim: the cr. MK and cr. MP didn’t combo, but the FBA hit. I don’t have enough time to practice the combo timing. But this worked on ken

Test: To see if Vega’s Super pops the opponent on the way up, similar to his U1. If this is possible, then test if canceling Vega’s RCF into his Super will pop the opponent up.

Scenario: Vega vs Anyone. Explanation is above. In the current version, you can cancel his RCF with his super, but the super obviously doesn’t pop the opponent up.

Kim: RCF --> super combos into itself but I wasn’t able to connect the rest of the super afterwards. Takes too long to build meter with vega with people waiting in line.

Test: To see if Vega’s cr.LP is +5 on hit.

Scenario: Vega vs Anyone. To test this, see if you can combo cr.LP into far st.LK.

Kim: it works !

Test: To see if Vega’s U1 has invincibility on the way up

Scenario: Vega vs Ryu. Have opponent jump in with different normals, and have Vega attempt to U1 directly at him, on his/her way down. Similar to SFxT Vega.

Kim: it doesn’t work. We tried it and was able to hit claw out of the animation.

this is from kim1234’s google doc. people requested stuff and kim tries it out:

super has the knee hit
rcf is NOT -8 on block
ultra 1 have super limited invincibility
ex fba knee hitbox might of been increased


I wait for this moment since 2009


Oh my goodness, that’s beautiful.


more news from evenhubs

  • Medium Rolling Crystal Flash is now 0 on block (changed from -2).

  • Crouching Light Punch is now +5 on hit (changed from +4).

  • Crouching Heavy Punch active frames increased to 4 (from 2).

  • Blocked Cosmic Heel is +2 frame advantage if blocked on the first frame, -4 if blocked afterwards. Full move is now 27 frames total, down from 32 frames.

well, we already know about the lp being +5 on hit. interesting how mp rcf is 0 on block, it might mean it’s +4 on hit! maybe…
so if hp rcf on block is -8, does that mean lp is +8 on block? :smiley:

that cr.hp buff…all 6-4 matchups just suddenly went to 5-5…i already tested the current version of cr.hp already beat’s yun’s jump in mk and dive kicks, but you need to be precise in your timing. this buff will make that match a lot more easier

i don’t really understand the cosmic heel…so it’s +2 at point blank and -4 if you use the tip??? what???


i think that is final summary from every information during recent days, except super has the knee hit. We have more than what we want. If they keep those buffs for final build, Vega will definitely be a competitive character


Wow, ex scarlet invul out but crouching hp improved in? That IS great news!!

All of these changes seem so elegant sometimes, I am really impressed by capcom for what they do within such a limited system. In my head I would have made HP +4 on hit and ex the speed and recovery of lp for decent damage off the normal strings. But MP +4 makes the tradeoff between the two worth the meter, making the need for the ex to change lessened.


Yeah, I don’t really get what’s going on with Cosmic Heel frame advantage on block. I’m assuming there’s just been some mistranslation/confusion and surely it must be +2 by hitting with the tip.

As for the super–I really want to see this in action! If you somehow have fullbar with Claw, having a new option for a big damage punish would be very cool. Why did they try super-cancelling out of RCF and not just from cr.MP, though?