Ultra Combo Questions

Zangief Ultra I; T.Hawk Ultra I; Hakan Ultra I
And then there are a few others who have the same command for an Ultra combo.
full circle > full circle + lp + mp + hp.
They are hard to do, and I wish there was a better way of doing these than for a wake-up.
Is there any way to execute these without jumping or dashing forward or something like that?

Buffer with something: jump, dash, taunt, normal attack. I think it’s possible to buffer with a whiffed jab even, just incredibly quick. I’m bad with 720’s, which is why I use Hawk’s ultra II.

So you really cannot do these ultras until after a recovery of some kind.

No, you can do standing and walking 720’s, but there is no way out of learning how to do the motion quickly. My advice is to take advantage of SF4’s input shortcuts by plinking and doing a 540 motion instead.


^beat me to the punch.

Okay, that answers that, and I’ll leave it to myself to understand the answer, since it takes practice.
Here’s another question. Both Cammy Ultra II and Fei Long Ultra II are defensive ultras. One can easily counter these by landing and armor-breaking attack, so most people usually do not select these ultras. My question is: How or why does it make sense for there to be an ultra in which MANY different kinds of attacks can easily counter – why would it make sense [to Capcom] to make ultras that cannot counter-attack armor-breaking moves?

The way I see it, counter-ultras are normal for low level play because players do not usually spend time baiting one by whiffing normals at close range. T the only efficient way to ensure the counter-ultra works is to do spontaneous to catch the opponent off gaurd. A very skilled player would spot the opponents ultra meter right when it’s filled an tone down his rushdown a little or switch to turtling.

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Try this.
Pick a character with a combo attack for an ultra. Is it possible to counter-attack their ultra with an armor-breaking move?
Maybe all ultras lack protection against armor breakers.

Look at the bright side, once a game you’ll have a free wakeup :slight_smile: