Ultra Combos - Near-Impossible with a Controller?


First big noob question of mine. I’m sure this has come up before, but I didn’t see an existing thread. So!

I’m playing SSFIV on PS3, with the standard PS3 controller. It’s a little tricky when it comes to inputting commands in general, though that’s been overcome with a bit of practice and a very light touch (I love how this game almost seems to actively punish you for “button mashing”).

The biggest problem I seem to run into, though, is attempting to launch an Ultra Combo. As you know, they require pressing all three buttons of a particular attack type at once, and with the placement of these (two face, one shoulder) this seems needlessly difficult. Even if I did pull it off, the execution seems to require so much attention that it’s distracting from the fight at hand, rendering it totally impractical.

So, is there a trick to it that any of you guys use to make it easier? Or, is this the reason most people just go and buy a stick?


3K and 3P. use them.


Not sure if serious…

Either way, default control scheme on a DS3 has L1 and L2 mapped to a 3P / 3K macro.


joystick(TE) FTW


The tournament scene, in general, doesn’t care if you have 3 punch and 3 kicks set, especially if you are on a pad. Just use the macros.


I know a pad player that doesn’t use the 3p or 3k but, most pad players do


you can do it with 3P/3K on a pad, but I just prefer the arcade experience. Just remember, there won’t be 3P/3K if you go to an arcade(if they still have them where you live).


Very much “serious”. I wouldn’t be asking a noob question if I wasn’t a noob.

Okay, well maybe I would.


(double post)


People who don’t practice and like to complain is what sf4 is all about homes


I can do any Ultra on a pad. No 3P/K needed. SFIV is pretty damn loose like that.


I use 3P/3K macros on my fightpad, and use the same buttons for heavy punch/kick normals depending on the character. Use the 3P/3K setup.

Fuck making things difficult for myself, I’m playing a video game.


I didn’t know about these macros; suffice to say, the info is greatly helpful. :slight_smile:

In case this came across as a complaint: My guessing was that the game was just *designed *to be played with a stick, which still seems to be the case. That isn’t anything against it, it just is the way it is.


This. Combos into ultra though… In any situation, pad or stick, practice makes perfect.


Yeah but with practice you can over come your problems. There are pad players playing at tournament level. So it’s up to you what you want to do.


I’m not completely sure what you’re asking, and a couple points have already been addressed, however…

There is “macros” that are built into SSF4 called “LP+MP+HP” or “LK+MK+HK”, P being Punch, and K being Kick. These can be found and configured in the Button Config menu. What these macros do is activate all three Punch or Kick buttons at the same time. Ultra Combos require the input of 3 of each at the same (as you already know), and EX requires 2 of each type. Some players suggest that you learn to do EX with 2 buttons rather than the 3P/K macros so you don’t accidentally use an Ultra Combo. But, you should also know that it’s all preference and practicing will allow you to naturally get used to it.

You mention that it deters your gameplay since you can’t get Ultra Combos out, I used to do this when I first picked up SF4 Vanilla, where i’d think at one moment an Ultra would have been perfect, and I get aggravated that I didn’t do it. The best advice I can give you is to learn to never rely on an Ultra, and try your best not to focus on that. Go into Training and do Ultras 50 times on each side (to build muscle memory for both motions), you should be a little bit more consistent if you keep doing this.

Also, a good gameplay tip is to pretty much never randomly do an Ultra, it may work sometimes, but as you improve and players you face improve, this tactic won’t work. Figure out if the character you play can combo into Ultra, such as an anti-air Jab Shoryuken easily comboing into Ryu’s Ultra 1. Alot of Ultras can be combo’d in from you doing Focus Attack Dash Cancels, which means pressing the Focus Attack combination (MP+MK) at the precise moment (frame, I think) that the attack allows you to do so, and then Dash Forward (or Back depending), into said combos.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Also, I have an easier time doing alot of things on the 360 Controller Joystick than I do an Arcade Stick or D-Pad. I’ve spent a good amount of time (atleast what sounds reasonable to me) on an Arcade Stick, and I still feel more comfortable on a 360 Controller Joystick. However, i’m part of the rare cases that feels this way, and if you want to get into the Fighting scene more, then it’s highly suggested that you give controller alternatives (Arcade Sticks mainly) a try.


lol try doing ex cancels and ultras on an xbox pad its very hard to do when you’ve been playing on a psx pad for 10 years. Switching from psn to xbox live was difficult because of controls but thats what joysticks are for am i right??


Lp+mp+hp - l1
lk+mk+hk - l2


gah i almost threw my stupid xbox controller into the floor because of moves i wanted to come out not coming out, i know i do the motion fine but the stupid analog stick just sucks so i gave up, waiting for my stick now.

This game is so god damn annoying on a plain xbox controller…i would like to see someone on a pro level play with a xbox 360 controller or ps3 controller, ps3 might be a bit easier since the buttons are more flat, just what i think and since the controller is smaller.


button input wise its not hard… i only have trouble doing what my friend dubs the “funky triangle”, the charge db, df, db, uf + PPP/KKK.