Ultra Comparison!

In this video I talk about the difference between Ultra 1 & Ultra 2… ENJOY


Cool, I didn’t know you could easily link Ultra off EX red FB. :tup:

Here’s another one… You can link them both off a far RH tatsu. Should be especially useful in the Sim matchup when going over fireballs. Also, against Sim, I could get U1 to juggle even if I got 2 hits with the far RH tatsu… might work that way with other characters too? Not sure, I haven’t tested that extensively.

Another wacky little setup is after crossup ground hurricane in the corner. Throw someone into the corner and hold up-toward, ryu jumps over them, whiff an air attack, and do LK tatsu the moment you land. You’ll land in the corner, tatsu over their head back out, and cross them up, popping them back into the corner. You can actually juggle here with whatever you want, sweep, DP, FB, etc… so the Ultras work here too.

I find it helps to do the motion in the air :d::db::b::f: before you land, if you were facing the right corner when you threw them. Also, I’m not sure if this little setup works on everyone.

cool vid, Ill post my Ultra selections against some chars, its all experimental and it can change with time:

shotos/sagat: U1, its more solid to overall usage, and goes trought projectiles, it will almost always to trade with the projectile itself, so be sure to make the opponent to eat a f.s.HP or at least a tatsu.

Chun: Um currently using U2 to get her hasanshus and any ocasional far jump once she cant change her trajectory during it. Theres an advantage using U1 that is you will never be baited by a whiffed LK hasanshu, so Im not 100% sure on what ultra to use here yet.

Juri: U1 because it catchs all her dive kicks, any distance. U2 will be baited as shit.

Adon: Same as juri plus it works with most of his moves, it catchs all the regular jaguar kicks even delaying the U1 command a bit (it helps E.R. to catch EX JK aswell), catchs jaguar tooths aswell.

Seth: U1 is ok because the option select with c.LP/c.LK qcfx2 PPP can be followed by a s.MP, the same thing with U2 will to result in a cl.LK that can be canceled only into a hadoken (if seth blocks so probably he will be crouching so a lk tatsu will to miss), Im not sure if the cl.LK xx hadoken will to be a true block string for such distancies aswell. The other reason I use the U1 against him is because all his jumps are hard to be caught by the U2, the ones from far are canceled into dive from a distance the U2 wont catch (pure baiting), and the ones that with HK are aways directed to your head, the U2 will cross him under and whiff.

Ibuki: U1, but I havent tested much. I use U2 with Ryu to punish her ex dp on block, because Ryu’s U2 catchs her even if she cancels the dp into a kunai. That doesnt happens with E.R. (U2 misses when shes at the kunai’s height) plus that you can to punish the blocked ex simply dashing under it and waiting till she falls to land a full combo. Her jumps are very ambigous aswell, she have different types of jumps, its much easier to land a lp dp in one of these jumps and to follow with the U1 than land the U2.

Guile: U2 because U1 is useless and he cant change his trajectory during his jumps, If you bait any jump during the round he will suffer huge damage. The only reason I could to have to use U1 in this matchup is to land ex tatsu combos in the corner, but now we always goes for the unblockable there.

Boxer: U2 because both are basically the same to punish his rush punchs but U2 does more damage, also he cant to change his jump’s trajectory so its hard to be baited by them.

Dhalsim: U1 simply because I didnt find any reason to use the U2 on him at all.

Gief: U2 to catch his jumps.

T.Hawk: U1 to Punish his Condor Dives on Block (ex will be punished aswell unless he hits it on your knees’ height) and because the ex tatsu will to reset the combo in ther corner when used with the correct combo.

I almost never use U2 against chars that can to change his jumping trajectory as you guys must have noticed, its easy to get baited, the U2 misses a lot when the jumps are aimed at your head’s height. if you wait a few frame in order to make the U2 do not cross under it will be blocked.

@DeathGun some of these ultras you mention are wrong and some are right like against Balrog it’s wrong Ultra 1 is more useful because when you do the unblockable you can option select U1 to punish all his options to escape.

Shotos specially sagat Ultra 2 is a lot better you can catch there jump ins or option select there backdash but it’s debatable…you can’t option select to punish with ultra 1 to punish backdashes

I dont like to use os against the shotos I tend to play actually, theyre pretty much shoryuken happy ones, but I guess the U1 would to work fine against theirs backdashs. the main reason I dont use U2 against the jumper shotos is due theirs air tatsumakis, I tend to play as solid as possible.

Are u talking about the unblockable throw setup in the corner against balrog?