Ultra demon against abel

so i saw this video on youtube, and the akuma player does the ultra demon AFTER the animation for abels ultra started, and grabs him before abel can do the 1st punch of his ultra. i wonder wen he inputs the command for the ultra demon. and i also wonder if u have to be standing right next to him for it to work. check it out and let me know if u have any ideas.


(its at the end of the last round)

Akuma’s Ultra actually beats pretty much all other Ultras in the game at that range, due to the invincibility frames you get in the beginning of the RD. But when you talk about Abel, you could pretty much grab his Ultra with the RD anytime. Abel’s Ultra takes about 13 frames to go active, which leaves you with a lot of time to Ultra him.
The only real time where you are in a danger of getting hit (while using the demon) is during the 2 active frames. And you can pretty much use your invincibility startup to go though those 2 frames too.

Edit: Oh, and the Akuma canceled his C.MK into the Ultra (if you wonder why it may have looked a little strange to you)

so when do i input the commands for my ultra? i tried doing it right after abels ultra started in practice mode, but i cant do it fast enough. or are u supposed to do it right before or at the same time?

another question. did he use his cr. mk so he can buffer the command for the ultra?

thanks for the help

Do it just at the end of the cinematic animation

As SGS just said, you should start inputing the RD commands during the last cinematic frames of Abel’s Ultra (called buffering). And time it so your last command (HP) is done when the cinematic is over.

or just mash it out. hit all 3 buttons at the same time while moving the stick back and forth. Works for me.

ok cool thanks. ive tried mashing and it only works like 3 out of 10 times. but ill try buffering it during the end of the animation. that fucker rushes so damn fast. lol

Yup, especially if its a laggy game!

goddamn and I thought I was fast with the ultra…

Amazing… O.o

lol me 2. gaddam koreans =X

I used Dan’s ultra after Akuma’s ultra has started and he wins.
I wonder if Zangief’s can beat him.

Actually Zangied SPDed my Ultra couple of times. Plus Gief has zero frames for his ultra so yeah i belive he can beat akuma’s ultra.

Akuma’s ultra wont work against Ken, Gouken, Sagat’s ultra either.

It will work against Ryu’s ultra. Akuma has to be at max body away for it to work.

I haven’t beat Sagat’s ultra yet. I just block and punish.

Max body away? First of all, do you mean a full body size from shoulder to shoulder?
And if you did, I would just like to point out that you can stand as close as you possible can, and still pull this off (your Ultra that is).

And for many people that has responded in this thread. The guy isn’t fast at doing his Ultra… at all. You just need to time it with buffering. If you can’t pull this off already, just try it in training mode until you get it. It’s not hard in the least.