Ultra disconnect

I just encountered two instances today where as soon as I do El Fuerte’s ultra (on XBL), I get a sudden disconnect. The first was against Guile when I was in a losing position (he accused me of ragequitting), second against Abel when things were even. The d/c happened just as the camera finishes its movement and he points. There was no pause in the gameplay, just an abrupt disconnection. I was not disconnected from XBL. Can anyone possibly shed some light on this? I haven’t been playing him long, just started a few days ago. I was playing a lot of El Fuerte yesterday, but didn’t use Ultra much. Do I just write it off as a random internet bug, or is this not a unique phenomenon?

Maybe your disc is scratched or something.

It’s most likely this or corrupt install data. Does the xbox version have an install feature?

It does, and I’ll try reinstalling it. Thanks.

wow that sucks… bad rep on the fuertes!

Some of those are random, but some guys will disconnect on purpose.

I had a funny one of those. There was a lag spike as I did Ultra, so practically the whole ultra went in slow motion, and when the big explosion along with “KO” popped up on screen, it froze for about 30 seconds with Fuerte’s crotch on the back of Chun Li’s head. :stuck_out_tongue:

who’s ever using chun li was being smacked with extra humiliation.