Ultra DLC data on PS3


I have a question for the PS3 users out there playing with a Super SFIV disc: do you think we can delete the AE dlc (1.5 GB) and patches from the Game Data Utility before we download the Ultra DLC?

Since PS3 patches usually just clump together, do any of you think it’s wise to delete the aforementioned data so that we can save some space on our HDDs? Because the Ultra DLC is supposed to upgrade from Super also, I’m thinking the data in the DLC will basically include everything that is included in the 1.07 patch of AE. If you don’t delete the old AE data, it might just be useless space on the HDD and no one wants that. Anyone that knows how this works, please respond and inform everyone on how this works.


I dl’d and installed the ULTRA DLC today, but since it doesn’t go live until the 3rd, my copy of super reverted back to its original version. I got a prompt saying DLC couldn’t be accessed so I’m presuming you could to save the space since it seems the ULTRA DLC overwrites the AE DLC anyways. However if you want to play 2012 I wouldn’t delete it or update just yet.