Ultra Edition Guy Tech



Hey all

I just recently started taking this game serious and i’m looking for some good tech to use with guy. i’ve been practicing the basic stuff like his kara throw set ups and basic combos, but i’m looking to find some safe jumps/option selects/decent blockstrings/jump ins, with blockstrings being a big interest. any sort of help would be much appreciated.



Here is some stuff against Cammy and Sagat since they have slow wake ups. 1. Run Slide then as soon as Guy stands, quickly crouch then neutral jump for a high/ low meterless mix up. 2. Run Slide FADC back dash, forward jump attack. This set-up works best in the corner because Guy can mix up with Elbow or Cross up Mk. For Delay Wake Up use: Run Slide , FADC forward dash twice, then neutral jump attack. Its possible to Grab Dp with Ex Izuna Drop if they do a normal wake up. 3. (mid-screen punish set-up for Cammy) block Cannon Spike then forward dash stHk, crMp ~ Ex Tatsu. For Cannon Drill use TC ~ Ex Tatsu. Against Sagat Uppercut use stHk, stMp ~ Ex Tatsu as soon as he lands. The third hit of Ex Tatsu makes the opponent fly half screen, giving Guy a safe jump attack set-up. ‘I recommend practicing these in training mode first before using these in real matches’.


For the corner end some of your combos with Ex Hozanto for Cammy and for Sagat end some of your combos with Ex Tatsu for a Neutral Jump set-up attack. ‘Your main goal overall is to push your opponent to the corner and try to keep them there and win extra damage’. Some of these set-ups work against other characters as well. For blockstrings you can Youtube ‘Big Bird Guy’ or ‘Marq Teddy Guy’, or ‘RLBS Guy’. You will get plenty of other ideas by watching their videos as well.


Thank you IROC for your input. i am definitely going to be in training mode practicing these set-ups for the next day or two. And i’m also going to check out some of the guys you mentioned on youtube. i happened across a few other guy tutorials while waiting for a reply here, and i’m excited to take in everything i’m learning and put it to use in some matches. i’m also thinking about uploading some of my matches to youtube for more pointers and critique to improve upon my game. Safe jumping and option selects seem to be out of my capability right now, but i’m eager to fix that and start looking for ways to punish better with The Master of Bushinryu. Thanks again!