Ultra El Fuerte

well amigos its time to discuss our gameplans, Hugo and Rolento look like they will be problems to fight

It’s going to look awkward when El Fuerte grabs Hugo with his dp. : )

I went to the SF Nation panel.

I asked him if the two glicthes (guac and back run) which have existed since vanilla would finally be fixed.

“Yes. They have been Addressed.”



^^I call bs,we have been dealing with the Negative Zone since 2008

although this does look like mugen, why would sim’s s.mk be two hits?

OMG!, just saw the video. It’s actually his s.MK and not Back+MK!? What were they thinking!? lolll

Don’t worry. If it’s not fixed I will go to EVO for the sole purpose of punching him in the face.

I know it’s probably not gonna happen, but…


Me to Dawtanian on Twitter: “Please tell me Fuerte is getting some love in UltraSF4…”

His response: “Fuerte is my original main, you can be sure I know how to balance him in the way he’s needed for so long.”


yeah I asked the bro too

hopefully el fuertes normals get buffed to hit harder like slide losing to everybodies crouching hard kick

Ultradavid and Hinds exchanged tweets on changes: https://twitter.com/CapcomDawg/status/361929484317884417

-far mp xx qbomb
-far HK (2nd hit) > cr.mk xx qbomb



Damn. Meaty HK ovehead, low mk, lk quesadilla bomb will be a nice addition. If mp is used as some sort of poke it must have more hit stun for the bomb to reach. Maybe run stop mp will be viable. I know there’s still a lot of time for revamping but these additional buffs are exciting.

OK so Bomb combos from cr.MK and s.MP if spaced right.

So in theory we can get knockdowns from any hit… I think I just came.

Depending on charge times and spacing this may be possible:

Shower kick, LP, cr.LK:, cr.MK RS cr.MK xx lvl 1 BOMB(HK) ~ FADC ~ cr.MK RS cr.MK RS cr.MK xx BOMB(LK)

Damn, that’s possible, but I’m not sure my hands can do that stuff. Better hit the lab. Speaking of lab, I hope they give us the option to choose different levels for training mode. Oh, and when you mentioned bomb to fadc that makes me wonder what people do when it connects and you dash forward. Does anyone have some sort of safe jump setup or are we so shocked it landed that we get ready for a typical splash slide mixup?

If they reduced the charge time for those bombs I would be a lot happier. I love that move when it connects.

El Fuerte

(via Iorifuerte)

Far Standing LK start-up 3F, not cancellable
Tostada Press active frames increased by 1F
Fajita Buster damage increased to 180
Quesadilla Bomb connects from crouching MK
Close standing HK start-up now 10F
Crouching MK EX Red Focus does not conncect
LK and HK Guacamole Leg Throw invincibility increased
non-EX Quesadilla Bomb start-up now 14F, recovery reduced by 4F
EX Quesadilla Bomb now throw invincible
Gordita Sobat recovery reduced by 1F

Thoughts so far?

how do they know frame data right now, I thought it’s a location test

double ultra, no more second guessing

these changes are delicious