Ultra Evil Ryu vs the best of the rest



So we know their will be a “Edition Select” mode which allows you to play different versions of every character. We’re not getting USF4 for a while, so for fun lets discuss how Ultra Evil Ryu(the best version of him for sure) against the very best characters from all iterations of SF4.

vs Vanilla Sagat: I don’t think he would do that bad in this match up against the almighty Vanilla Sagat. He can’t low profile tiger knee trap with cr. MK and he has to deal with Sagat’s more damaging normals and his LOL combo. But he still out footsies Sagat. With meter he dish out great damage with his FADC combos that now end with sweep since his sweep has been sped up. Even with 1100 stun, he can still dizzy Sagat in two combos with a successful ambiguous jump in although you’re better off going for a combo with less stun and trying to dizzy him on the next move. With Shaku you don’t have to chase Sagat around if Eryu has the life lead. So he can make Sagat come to him. Probably still 6/4 for Sagat just because of the damage output though.

vs Super/2012 Cammy: Not sure which one Cammy players think is the best. One still has TKCS, the other has all those cool links. Either way this one stays at 5/5. She beats Evil Ryu at mid range and can blow him up with one knockdown. But he can vortex her better than she can to him. She doesn’t have have delayed wake up, which he does. So he can still unblockable her all day after a sweep while she can’t after a back throw.

Vanilla Akuma: I think this is Evil Ryu’s worse match up among all Vanilla characters. 2012 Akuma is arguably his hardest match up and even though ERyu is better in Ultra, he’s not nearly as good as Vanilla Akuma. All the same problems in this match up remains, except Akuma now does way more stun and damage. Random sweeps is not as threatening anymore because Ultra Eryu gets DWU. But that’s not a big enough factor to even out this match up when he loses every where else. I’ll just say 6.5/3.5 for Akuma

AE Yun: I think AE Yun will blow him up the same way he blew up AE Akuma. The buffs just don’t help enough when Yun had so many good tools and a much better dive kick to pressure with. DWU doesn’t help since Yun’s pressure game is from soft knockdowns. If this makes any sense I’d consider this a bad 6/4 while Sagat is a good 6/4.

That’s all I got for now. If you have thoughts on him vs Vanilla Rufus, AE Fei, or Super Guile then please state it. It’s been very slow around here, maybe this can give us a little something to talk about for a while.


I would kick my Eryu’s ass with vanilla Ryu. To much damage and stun. I don’t remember exact numbers, but Ryu was one of the hardest hitting characters in Vanilla. Dp fadc, ultra did real damage. Solar plexus did real damage. One DP Fadc, ultra and one punish and Eryu would be toast.


with the current info about ultra i guess v2012 evil ryu is the best version against the top tiers but akuma, because of the setups.


Finally some responses lol. As for him vs Vanilla Ryu, I think it would only be slightly in Vanilla Ryu’s favor. His combo damage and stun isn’t that much higher than it is now. The only difference is no hp srk fadc metsu hadoken for more damage. But he would lose ex srk fadc ultra for even more damage. Super trap doesn’t matter since Eryu can ex tatsu to avoid it although escape tatsu would help.

Evil Ryu’s ultra buffs actually help him fight Ryu better. Hop kick can blow up low forward now, faster sweep combined with his already faster walk speed helps in footsies, and target combo might give him free fake cross ups in the corner(although vanilla Ryu might be immune to this). DWU also helps him avoid Ryu’s simple safe jump ups. So yeah, Ryu probably wins it, but I don’t think he does by that much.

@Deathgun I see no reason why ultra Eryu shouldn’t be considered better than 2012 Eryu. He has received numerous buffs and his set ups still work(again, not sure about vanilla characters). Don’t forget he can also tatsu > sweep all the same characters Akuma can again. DWU is also a factor against some of the older vortex characters in which he can use but they can’t. What’s your reasoning for why you feel 2012 Eryu is better?


the current setups with HK axe kick are gone


Ultra ER cant tatsu sweep anymore due the lower height the lk tatsu launches the opponent now. Or was that changed back?


Shinebox tested some set ups when he went to the LA location test and he said they still work. Sure their is DWU now, but older characters can’t use it and those are the guys we’re talking about.

As for tatsu sweep, they reverted the buff and nerf to his light tatsu. So the float time and range is back to the way it was before.

The only thing worse about ultra Eryu is -5 on dp fadc. But all the buffs or “fixes” outweigh that one nerf.


So Rufus combo still a 1 frame link? Fuck thos fatty bastard :frowning: