Ultra High Definition TV's


[SIZE=17px]“Ultra High Definition TV, with 7680x4320 resolution and 120 frames/sec, was approved by the International Telecommunication Union”[/SIZE]

Because your eyes getting irritated after an extended gaming session on a 1080p TV wasn’t enough, they made it so you can go legally blind after 1/2 a match of Marvel.


Now I can finally see how REALLY disgusting my favorite porn stars look in ultra HD!


So crystal clear you can see the Herpes. :tup:


Didn’t think it was possible to make Patrick Stewart look even more sexy on the tv.


wtf…I just brought a HDTV for $180 and now they are coming out with a UHDTV?

fucking capcom…oh wait…


I’m going to hold out for the cheaper UHDTV: AE.


I’ll wait for the UHDTV with LED lights and spinners on the sides with a built-in coffee maker in the back.


Would people even be able to see a difference? I bet most people wouldn’t even notice any difference. Man, this is like the resolution for a quad-monitor setup…I wonder if suckers want quad-TV setups?




720p games in pixelated glory! :rofl:
Can’t wait to see all these assholes rush to the store to snatch one of these just because it’s new and expensive. Yet they can barely work a fucking digital watch. :smiley:


I know right? Now we can buy DMC the Ultra HD collection all over again! Facepalm

They better have TV’s that magically upscale without games getting pixated regardless of resolution.


Oh god if these new T.V.'s have composite inputs.
Ugh, imaging playing an NES game on one of those monstrosities.
You can make out EVERY single pixel in the game :looney:


Just when I thought there would be no shot of me upgrading my HDTV ever, this comes along. Thank you for making my TV obsolete . I have to wonder whether this makes the games with a natural resolution of 720p look even worse


Not to mention TV lag…


Are these the same as those 4K tv coming out next year? I was thinking of picking one up, i think go for about $20,000 for an 80"…


look at the bright side. these tvs prolly take up so much electricity that it would heat up the whole living room after being on for 5 minutes.


I always thought UHDTV would be a waste of time. HDTV is still not widespread yet and we can’t forget 3D is just catching on.


hmmmm. I’m still content with regular HDTV for now. The only wish I have is mainly to increase swag by getting an HD so big, it blocks my windows. 82-inch TV at the store would run about $2500 or so unless I can convince a friend to get it for me. Still, don’t need it…BUT I WANT IT!



Take THAT, blu-ray!