Ultra I - Feng Shui Engine

For a guide on Feng Shui Engine, see Feng Shui Engine on the SRK wiki. (An updated version is currently in progress.)

Instant overhead set-ups: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/ultra-i-feng-shui-engine/114182page-4#post-5701068

This thread is for discussing set-ups, combos, resets, and general strategies for FSE.

im so sorry if im not of help to some of you, i would like to but im not very good at explaining how to do these type of things, im more hands on… but, i guess for my input would be go the the base of her first FSE trial (st. lp>st.lk>st.mp>st.mk>st.hk) and learn the base of that.

with the type of mental properties and the fear you can instill in your opponent is very daunting! this is how i would start:

-if my opponent is blocking high from three hits as:close s.lp >s.lk >s.mp, i use Sekku{if the overhead connects**}>cr.lp>cr.lk>cr.mp>cr.mk>cr.hk**… cross up and go gung ho.

*This is an interesting thread. I’m far from the best Juri player (as D Dollars can attest to this) and I use FSE exclusively: it’s kind of come to my attention while reading discussions on FSE that people have been philosophically approaching FSE the wrong way. I don’t think the question is “What can you get out of FSE” but rather “How do you get this out of FSE”. I don’t mean to come off as pompous but I don’t really have time to delve into it more at the moment unfortunately but later on I’ll return and try to explain myself some more. *

FSE - st.LK x st.MP x st.HK (2Hits) xx MK SUPER (DMG 447 / STUN 310)

FSE (corner) - st.LK x st.MP x st.HK (2Hits) xx EXSENPU - st.MP |Reset - cross forward dash under | st.LK x st.MP x st.HK (2Hits) xx EXSENPU (DMG 356+314 / STUN 514+454)

… combination with Sekku possible.

Wow, you’ve made me fall in love with FSE again, great write up. :smiley:

One question: Are the damage ranges because some hits whiff occasionally or what do they mean?

Now why didn’t I think of that. I wonder if you could activate from a blocked j.HK? With Ultra 2 you can’t use the j.HK -> Ultra2 combo because its impossible to hit confirm pretty much, but (if it works) you could just j.HK > activate and use that as a hit confirm, then go right into mixups / combo depending on if it hit.

The damages depend on whether or not you include the bracketed moves in the combo. s.MP and far s.MK only connect after EX Senpusha in the corner.

I don’t think jump-ins are hard to hit-confirm, but I suppose you could do that. FSE activation can never really hurt you unless your opponent already has a move out.

FSE activation has -6 frames after animation, its a free combo for them if you don’t have them in hitstun.

Anyway, I tried the setup I mentioned: j.HK > Ultra1 is safe on block, not sure if you can followup blockstring after animation though, probably not. And you can obviously combo afterwards if the j.HK was a hit. So its a very decent setup for activation.

I personally can’t hitconfirm j.HK > Ultra2, I have to assume it landed to connect with the Ultra, so I’ve ignored the setup entirely. But my reactions are slow, faster people might be able to do that.

Is it safe to say that a newb/scrub player like myself should not be using FSE? Or should FSE be used over u2 no matter what? I admittedly love the flashyness of U2 >.<

Not to stray too far off topic but I find the best situations to do j.hk into Ultra II are when (i) you’ve jumped forward, correctly anticipating your opponent will throw a fireball or (ii) you’ve neutral jumped correctly anticipating a whiffed command throw. That way, recognizing whether the j.hk will hit or not starts earlier.

you’ll never learn if you don’t try FSE.

Lets not derail this thread to an FSE vs Ultra2 discussion or Ultra 2 discussion in general (there’s already a thread for that). I responded there.

One thing I think we need to investigate is cracking an opponent’s defense when they’re turtling. The key to this is probably going to involve mix-ups with frame traps and kara throws. What’s a good frame trap we can use if they expect the kara throw? Can we manipulate FSE to chain a failed frame trap into another mix-up?

Not sure if this frametrap is usefull, but under FSE you can do a 2~3f frame trap whiffing lp, with lk xx lp(whiff) xx lk; the 2nd lk links with the first one on hit.

Hey dudes, may wanna add another combo into FSE: fireball fadc ultra > st.lk/cr.lk blah blah. It’s tight of course, but it’s there.


I listed it, but I kept it under the spoiler tag because it’s harder to do, and I had some weird results when I was testing it on different characters.

Its already up there. Timing is as tight as Ultra 2 FADC (7f for FSE and 3f for s.LK. not sure if c.LK will even connect, since its 4f startup)

Edit: Oh, Dr. beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

For kara throws, I’ve been using c.lk xx c.lp, kara throw. Any longer chain or with stronger normals (eg. c.lk xx s.mp) will push you out of kara throw range. I guess you could also use the normal c.mp, c.mp xx combo or c.mp, s.mp xx combo for a delayed tech frame trap.

Oh, my bad.

how about FADC’ing during FSE? cr.mk/cr.mp, low fireball release, FADC, whatever. i guess this can be used if their just inside cr.mk range. example: cr.mk, low fireball release, FADC, cr.mk, st.mp, close roundhouse, any pinwheel.

Oh, that’s a good idea. I can add some combos like that.

EDIT: I updated the main post with some new meter-burning combos.

Here’s what I have for frame traps so far.

c.LK/s.LK, s.LP (miss), s.LK […] - Credit goes to TangoBlast; the light kicks combo on hit, and you can mix in a throw at any point here.
c.LK/s.LK, c.MP > c.MK […] - This is taking advantage of c.MP’s special property of being able to cancel its recovery into another move. The gap feels awkwardly long because of FSE, so this can bait an opponent into pressing a button or switching to high block. This can be mixed up with a kara throw or an overhead.

Is there anything else we can use?

EDIT: These have been added to the main post.