Ultra II damage?



Well the thread over ssf4 forum its not getting a lot of love , same over here i guess but probably gief players check over here more often anyway i was wondering if anyone had a chance to play the game or heard anything about the damage of gief new ultra so far atleast whe know it can be setup with laria - fadc - ultra and maybe theres a change whe can hit it with lariat trade but whe havent seen any info about damage even that probably it will make the same 600dmg atomic buster by looking at the animation i think it should be instant KO :rofl: also what about if someone srk our ass while in mid air ultra ? will it suck it up and connect or … well you know whe eat srk to ultra

ps.sorry for my english its not my native


100 views and not even 1 reply ? seems the people that have tested the game didnt bother with gief…