Ultra knockdown! Lets build meter the cool guy way!


To all Boxers new and old! Please build meter after landing the ultra in different ways! After i told gootecks about turn punch giving more ex meter everyone copies his turn punch dash punch whiff:arazz: (seriously, 4+ boxers do this here, which of course they never did before gootecks and im sure there is more out there in internet land)

there is 3 different things(4 if you count nothing) to do after the ultra knockdown, HB, dash punch (upper or straight) and turn punch. All to build meter in different combination that makes 9+ DIFFERENT VARIATIONS! Timed right will get you 40-60 ex meter before your opponent can get up!

some examples

Please! Hear my call, lets not be cookies of a symbolic street fighter cuter. Let us be unique! Different i say! Maybe even original!

haha well maybe I’m the only guy bothered by this :lol:

thanks for your time, comments welcome

fyi i do headbutt + turn punch or Turn punch + nothing to set up the ambigous cross up:wonder:

Hey Ron,

Just want to start off by saying that I have nothing but respect for your game. I’ve only been able to see you play once live, but a lot of people talk about you and I’ve watched many a video with your skills.

That said, generally, people do cookie cutter stuff because it’s the most efficient/best/etc. I think until console comes out, people aren’t going to experiment as much since, as I’m sure you know, average wait time for us here in SoCal is like 20-30 minutes between games.

I dunno, I’m currently going with #4 and doing nothing (which is retarded and Gootecks calls me on it every time) or just a normal rush upper like all the other headbutt combos.

I think a lot of people believe in execution over innovation =/

We’ll see a lot more innovation and distinctiveness when it comes out on console. That’s for sure. :tup:

ya in the end you guys are right

i just wanted to raise awareness to this situation is all:lovin:

Hey Ron,

I just WISH I had your problem. Too many Rog players in your area, oh noes!

In Toronto, I’m the only regular Rog player (there is another dude who uses Rog but has only played SF4 literally 3 times).

Okay but seriously I can see what you are saying here, all the other Rog players are simply XCOPY of your Rog (or whoever from the internet). It would be nice if all the players were trying out new things, experiementing and such. But oh well, it’s not a perfect world.

And again there is a very valid point of it being too $$$ ($1 per play!) to experiment and test stuff out. I hope to expect to see alot of cool new stuff once this is out on console.

I guess at least we can feel good about being the original Rog pioneers in this thread! lols

haha I dont even try to build meter after an ultra!
I always forget…

Maybe I should EX rush punch, and then EX headbutt. How much meter would that build? :wgrin:

hahah that would be original!

well I have been experimenting with Tap + Tap it works well you just end up in throw range once your opponent wakes up so you ether have to go to headbutt, dash back, or jump straight up…

probably best way to build meter, 60 points of meter if im not mistaken

Hmm… although it’s off topic regarding post-Ultra meter gain, I am particularly fond of just doing an uppercut dash after cr. jab, cr. jab, cr. short, FP Headbutt. It gives me a little meter AND gets me closer to them to boot, without having to waste any time just dashing etc.

Was inspired by a friend of mine…

thanks for this post ronstopable because all I did was XCOPY you and Gootecks from videos online. I didn’t go to Chinatown Fair (NYC arcade with SF4) 5 times a week before any vids of you guys using boxer surfaced on youtube and learned how to build meter on my own. I couldn’t figure ANYTHING until I saw YOU and Gootecks play. You are the only boxer in the WORLD who learned to build meter after Ultra. I am forever in your debt :slight_smile:

lol im just being an ass but seriously thanks for telling me about using TP, didnt know that builds more meter. As far as all the other regular meter building, that should be basic boxer knowledge.

Back to being an ass, I like Chinatown Fair over every arcade in the USA (including West Coast) right now in SF4 :slight_smile: Come to - Sinsation - the major tourney in VA February 7-8. SF4 is surely the main event and there’s going to be Combofiend -vs- Justin Wong and Gootecks -vs- Marn.

Fairfax Marriot at Fair Oaks - 11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
Fairfax, VA 22033

for more info contact TeamKapital@Yahoo.com

I’ve been trying HB->RP->lvl.2 TAP (blocked) for meter after the knockdown.
Fun stuff.

That deep of a TAP and it’s totally punishable on block no?

Oh, just saw I put lvl2, no I use regular lvl1 TAP, and I haven’t had any problems…yet.
Worst case scenario is I’d screw up the timing and trade with reversal shenanigans.
I’m just seeing how it holds out though.

If you TAP deep (lawls) and the opponent blocks, I think they can just get a free throw.

You tell em john rog…

If the Ultra finishes with both you and your opponent in the corner, I think doing a FP headbutt with your opponent knocked down will cause you to switch sides.

Does a jab HB keep you on the original side? And thus also keeping the opponent in the corner (where you want them!).

If not, then I think in the corner … you can only do some variation of TAP/Rush Punch.

Lvl 1 and 2 are TAP is safe if blocked from max range (around sweep range). Frame data says you are at a disadvantage (-1 or -2 me thinks) but there are not any moves in the game that are fast enough with the required range to hit you before you can block.

Not sure if meaty TAP is a good idea though. I know it pwns in ST but I haven’t tried it in SF4.

Ron is my hero. That is all. :wgrin:

During the last tournament, I saw Combofiend ultra a guy to the corner, then TAP > mp.headbutt. He lands in the corner and he threw them back into the corner on wakeup. Some risk, but I thought it was cool.

thanks jav1ts! I appreciate the invite and the kind words, seriously.

This thread makes me proud:lovin: I love all you guys! The appreciation the awareness! Am I on Shoryuken.com? :wgrin:

I remember getting weird looks when I pick balrog the first day the game came to California… and now when you guys put that cursor over balrogs portrait you can’t help sense the tension from opponents that your getting in the ring with a beast! Remember who you represent when you play balrog show them we are a force and that knowing one of us is not knowing all of us! We are not some cookie cuter shoto rinse repeat BS, we are the Boxer!


i always use RU.

looks so much scarier cos its so fast lol
rog represent BRUDDAHZ (

TP > ex headbutt ALWAYS nail people. just dont overuse it so the whole community knows it :smiley:

also. u guys know whether TAP startup invincibility frames have throw invincibility too? i wanna use it like dudleyz’s dash swing blow for throw fakeouts lol

Why do something that gives less meter just to be creative/unique? Seems stupid to me.
If its a setup for a crossup or some other shenanigans however… seems like a better idea.