Ultra Nerf Fighter IV


Anyone feel like this game was nerfed the shit out of?

  • Sagat does even worse damage than he ever did before. His Ultra 1 FADC combo literally does laughably shit damage. Sure, he can do the combo in the corner but it still sucks. I’d rather have high damage on landing his ultra midscreen than to have it shitty damage all around

  • many characters still feel weak and useless.

  • all SRK FADC -5 Nerf is actually not even a nerf LOL.

I just feel like overall damage and stuff in the game has gotten weaker. share your experiences/perspectives if you agree






I feel that Capcom tried to balance this game by making all the characters equally boring and weak. Except for a select few who are marginally stronger than the rest and have the ability to kill you in 60 seconds instead of 70.

To me it feels that there is far less tension in the game now due to DWU. Unless you’re the kind of person who thinks waiting 30 seconds for someone to do something is tense.


It doesn’t seem like a nerf. If you watched the pros play last night at CEO no one was punishing DP FADC forward DP ever. Its not that it can’t be done, its just no one is used to doing it yet. If it was a more blatant “nerf” where every single character could punish it easy then it would be considered a hard nerf. Right now its just a “change.”


Infiltration punished it a couple of times.

Both times were extremely obvious “he is probably going to try to DP me here” situations where Infiltration was probably prepared to punish ahead of time, though.


I’ve been liking Rolento quite a bit. But he’s definitely the worst version I’ve ever played of him in any game.


omg I just want ToD comboez with Dhalsim pls. KapKam brake yer gaem!


They also nerfed the new characters from the arcade build. Rolento and elena are way worse than their arcade version. Hugo is way worse than the way he was in the early builds. I guess hugo was pretty good before. Now after testing and nerfing he is considered one of the worst characters in the game. So… good job capcom? Your testing worked.


Sagat and DJ players rip.


RIP… good old days of SF4.

No wonder why they don’t want to let us play Edition Select on Endless Mode… they know that we would be BORED AS SHIT to play USF4.


this game has already turned into yun with 3 meters landing a st.mp and wins the round/game. after evo, im done playing this game until theres a patch or if there isnt oh well.

i knew dwu was going to get added because its the no.1 feature AMERICAN players wanted. and combofiend being a cvs2 player himself probably pushed for it (it was in cvs2 called tactical recovery). notice how none of the players in asia thought it’d be a good idea. and red focus/ex red focus sounds specifically like an american idea trying to make the game more crazy but not given any regards to balancing.


Sweet. Now you guys can consolidate your tears to one thread, and I can rub my nipples as I read each complaint.



Lol. Thanks. Was gonna edit it into my post when I got near a computer


Someone please change the name of this thread to “Ultra Street Whiner IV”.


Well, maybe those of you guys who are griping about the game can put that negative energy to good use learning a game that’s good like Guilty Gear. :lol:


Everyones been getting nerfed since Vanilla ended.

Super nerfed damage all around, AE nerfed characters even more while giving some buffs, 2012 nerfed more shit while giving some buffs, and now Ultra, which again just nerfed shit while adding shit to nerf it even more.

Shit aint new and didn’t just happen over night.


The thing is every version had something to keep you interested and keep the gameplay somewhat exciting.

Vanilla was brand new and everyone did stupid damage.

Super added new characters, and even though damage was nerfed they added really scary Ultras like Fuerte U2, Abel U2, Guile U2 (if you were a zoner), Rose U2, Rufus U2. The oki game was starting to get fleshed out and people could see how strong Cammy, Seth and Ibuki really were. Unblockables were starting to get discovered. Charge characters were solid (outside Dee Jay and Blanka) even though they still got beaten by the top tier.

AE was trash, but there were arguably 3 S tier characters in that game. The most in the series so far. Offensive mixups were really strong.

AE2012 saw most of the BS removed, and reasonable balance ideas were applied. By this version nearly everyone in the cast had an unblockable or 50/50 x-up of some sort. Getting knocked down was scary, and outside a few cases (and the unblockables) it was GOOD for the game.

Now we have Ultra. It basically has nothing really scary outside a few chars’ combo potential, and maybe dying of old age during some matchups. Characters have been nerfed to the point where even Capcom’s PR Reps admit on video that they still suck (Dee Jay), or in private correspondence (Sagat). Half the new characters are centered around defense or keep/run-away tactics. There’s nothing wrong with this inherently, but the least they could have done was to give them legit strengths instead of the ability to roll for 90 seconds, or tickle your toes 50 times into overhead until time runs out.

When I look at Elena, Rolento, Poison and Hugo’s design it just screams to me that Capcom wants to slow the game down to a snails pace. Elena can’t jump, many moves just don’t hit her at all (not to mention that hers don’t hit in many cases either), and one of her main strategies is to build meter and to regain the 200 health back that the opponent drained from her over 50 seconds. Poison’s mobility sucks, her normals don’t work properly and like the other chars some of her most interesting things were nerfed from the arcade version. Hugo might as well have just been a giant pink blob that loses health over time till he either smothers you, you manage to whittle him down into nothing, or you manage to keep him away for 99 seconds. Rolento is very much a hit and run character. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s just more evidence about what Capcom’s current view of what this game should be is. Decapre is fairly interesting, but that’s not nearly enough to make up for the rest. DWU slows the pace of the game down in very obvious ways, but other system changes have the same effect. In the past where an opponent could apply pressure with reversal FADC and keep the action going (whether they get punished or not). In the new version players do exactly the same thing, except this time they backdash. Another mechanic that needlessly slows down the game (note: I am in favour of unsafe reversals, but not the way it’s implemented in Ultra).

At first I thought maybe I was just bored with the series, but last night I played over 100 matches (random select) of AE and I enjoyed it. I don’t think I can stomach 20 matches of Ultra (the game’s many bugs also play a role in this).


After playing Ultra since release i’d still rather be playing AE2012, game was just more fun. Ultra is still good tho, maybe the game can develop further and keep me interested. Still don’t think introducing DWU and Red Focus was a good idea but hey you gotta have something to warrant a new version right?

P.S. New stages all suck so much I don’t even want to pick random stage for fear of them coming up.