Ultra Oni Guide (work in progress)

updated with game-plan and neutral game (03/10/14)

A few people in my local scene have been asking me to make an Oni guide. I don’t know how many people will care or are interested in picking up Oni. But, I’ll leave the Google doc here for whoever:


It is clearly a work in progress, but I plan to do a lot more to it. I’ll be adding damage/stun numbers to the combos, basic game plan, footsies, demon setups and all the sexy gimmicks. Also In the future I’ll be adding some video examples of the unblockable setups and offline/online matches for the specific match ups as well.

Any suggestions or things I can improve feel free to let me know.

You can hit me up on xbl at ‘Original AB’. I’m currently living in Halifax, Canada, so anyone down the East Coast is pretty good for connections.


Thx man, id love to see it finished :smiley:

Worked on it a bit tonight, but most of it was written while 8 beers in, so I will probably have to edit it all tomorrow. Fun, fun.

Thanks for doing this man.

loving it so far, thx!

I would suggest not stomping on the opponents wake, that would be the only thing I would add to your guide. Against certain characters you know are dp happy you can do lk stomp to go behind them and make the dp wiff completely, this would be the only setup i would recommend if you know the other guy has 2 bars to make the dp safe and want to deny them the option of the cancel.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I already mentioned all of that. MK.stomp has less recovery, so using that to bait out DP’s is your better option as you can punish a light DP easier. Obviously you wouldn’t stomp on someones wakeup constantly because it becomes very predictable and easy to just sit, block and punish. You need to mix it up by not doing anything and letting them do something stupid on wakeup, or once you put it into your opponents head that you are going to stomp and they stop their crouch teching, you can start raw throwing them instead.

Maybe I didn’t make that very clear, thanks for the suggestion.

You are most welcome.