Ultra PS4 Mirror Matches



hey guys ive been on and off here for some time dont really post just play but id like to find some ps4 gouken players ive played with a few of you in the past on ps3 and 360 dont think ive played any pc goukens yet but id love to play and learn more from all of you who have put the time in here and on the game if u remember me my gt is x260pompuspuff and psn is agentsmLth add me on psn and lets play ery once in a while! COME ON THEN!!!


What’s good man! I haven’t jumped off of 360 yet but I’m about to once I get my arcade stick for PS4.

Add me on PS4, IamBaktun13.


i honestly want to get a 360 again so i can play with u all again just cant wait for 5 with one central platform glad to see you still active on here iam! i play with stephendo on ps4 from time to time but need more people i dont blame you guys for not leaving 360 yet it is the best platform i feel for sf4


and if u got a quamba stick or ps3 stick u can use it on ps4 just need a ps4 controller connected gotta test if 360 sticks work too tho i do want that ultra ps4 stick doe it look dope as hell and easy customization


@aloysiuspuff I’m not active as much as I used to be and it’s pretty dead here. I still try to post every now and then with the HOPE of actually being able to help, but it is what it is. Kinda wish I took this mentality when I first started posting here… but you live and you learn.

I guess I’m going to goahead and order that CronusMax or whatever it is now. I have 3 XBox Sticks (2 T.E. and 1 standard edition). My T.E. Sticks are pretty much new as I use 360 controller, but I want to go ahead and migrate to arcade stick for 5 (it’s kinda late b/c you don’t have crouch teching and tricky FADC) but I’m tired of being limited to my controller or not being able to take advantage of the multiple inputs that a stick can give you.

I would sell my sticks, well at least one of them to kinda soften the hit for going to a PS4 stick.

I would suggest staying on PS4, b/c the closer we get to 5 the more people will be jumping over to PS4. Not unless you can get an Xbox for dirt cheap. Once I get comfortable with the arcade stick (or my Cronus Max b/c I can use 360 controller) I’m going to be running matches on PS4.

Inbox me your name on FB so I can add you to the group. :slight_smile:


Anyone know how the psx-pad players connect to the PS4?


so beta is only for ps4 then ?

shit im an idiot…at no point was this the discussion…lol…

so ima have to jump to a ps4 to get down with SF5 then ? and then beta , is that pc or ps4 ?

yo puff miss that gouken…ill put it like this I remember puff had the first mp hado cancel to jmp tatsu combo since along time,…was fun then and like to see your Gouken these days…got any replays online?


capcom have said that they will be doing the beta on pc. When is still up for rumor.


thanks taken! ill start saving some games and post em id love some tips from you guys i feel like i have a barrier i cant get past… dont play as much as i used to and i reallllllly hope gouken is in sf5. if you dont have a kick ass pc for sf5 we will be playing each other eventually 4 and 5 and ive sooo debated buying another 360 just to play with my xbox crew good thing sf5 is on one server!