Ultra setup difficulties (Ryu)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to improve my mechanics and execution using Ryu and have come across some difficulties when it comes to Ultra setups. I would like to point out, that I’m not exactly new to Street Fighter, since I have a couple hundred hours of playtime. But that said, I’m still one hell of a scrub.

So basically there are two things I would appreciate some insight on. First of all, the FADC Ultra. For a long time I had thought that I could never get the input combination right for this one. It just seemed to be too much in too little time. However, recently I got the hint that I can dumb down the input a bit, by using the last forward on the dp as the first one for the dash, meaning that the motion breaks down into a simple dp, followed by a focus and forward at the same time. And then of course the Ultra. Since then, I actually managed to get it off a couple of times. The problems I’m encountering are that often times, my focus won’t cancel with a dash. Is it because I press forward slightly before the focus attack buttons by mistake? And at other times, instead of an Ultra, an EX Hadoken or dp will come out instead. Do you have any advice on how to avoid that? I’m playing on a PS3 pad by the way. I couldn’t adapt to a stick if my life depended on it.

Also, I’m having trouble with a much easier setup: EX Hadoken in the corner. I can get it off about 50 per cent of the time, but it all seems a bit random to me. Even though I feel like I’m inputting the Ultra at the same speed, sometimes it misses and sometimes it lands. Sometimes I appear to do the motion too early, resulting in the character just standing there. With the EX Tatsu setup in the corner, I know exactly when to start doing the input, but for the Hadoken version, I have no clue. I haven’t figured out yet at which point after the EX Hadoken the game recognizes the input.

Thanks for any advice you might have!

Try this one:
DP -> hit focus attack and hold it -> just input the double quarter circle forward + PPP. Don’t worry about dashing. The double qcf will dash for you.

practice man practice, if you are on skype I can talk you through it, its quite easy

Do you ever use training mode? Because if not then just keep practicing it in there until it becomes second nature.

I am using training mode. The thing is, I am practicing, that’s no new advice for me.^^ I’m just looking for insight or information that would help me in my training. @SmokeMaxX: That’s a variant I haven’t hear of, yet. However, the two quarter circles of my Ultra input don’t seem to be quick enough to count as a dash out of the focus attack.

It’s one a lot of people use and have success with. It’s not for everyone, of course, but it’s something that might help you right now.