Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

Rocking out to the deep bass and old school Guile theme? Hell yes.
CPS2 isn’t good enough, remixes don’t do them justice, CPS1 music is unsurpassed.
An announcer option would be nice too because the HD Remix announcer was too perfect.


I think they’re keeping the awful track selection from HDR. Zangief’s stage in particular was fucking awful iirc. They got some low quality garbage from the minibosses.

Plenty of other reasons to be worried about this though:

-The speed seems on par with WW.

-They’re getting rid of the HDR changes (which is good), but adding things like throw techs which could really skew the game’s meta since the threat of throws are what keep the faster pace. If you can always tech everything on reaction for 0 damage, that’s going to be a problem.

-They’re using the shit ass ugly HDR graphic assets.

-It’s a switch exclusive.

I’m trying to stay optimistic because ST is my favourite game, but they’re well on their way to completely fucking this up as per usual.

it just needs to have a 100% ST version in with it

I definitely agree that changing the speed is ridiculous. We’re getting a whole new ball game of balance changes too…so hopefully Zangief and Cammy won’t suck anymore.

I thought that we don’t know if it’s actually a Switch exclusive? Switch+Steam at least. ;p

I watched the Switch live broadcast and the good news is that it seems that we’re actually getting all new tracks. The new stuff you’ll hear is the character select screen, vs theme, Ryu theme and Guile theme. And I think whatever new Ken theme that was in the trailer is probably what we’re gonna get for the game too. They sound tons better than HD Remix’s stuff. I just don’t think they’re finished with the tracks yet because some of the HDR tracks were still in there (i.e. Guile’s new theme was in there, but the near KO theme is from HDR)

REALLY hoping they clean up those awful neutral stances from especially all shotos, Balrog, and Cammy. At least the GI is much more similar to ST now.

We haven’t heard any official word that it’s Switch exclusive. Like I said elsewhere, I think Nintendo is gonna try to cash in on people who want SF2 so they’ll get it first and then PS4 might get it too. After all it’s the 30th anniversary so I expect Capcom to release their biggest money maker on at least PS4. Capcom and Sony right now are too loyal to each other for us to get shafted.

It would be nice if it was like hyper sf2 and included every version inside of it. But if it has just a regular ST mode I’ll be happy. The fact that you can fully use ST’s actual graphics is a huge plus. Better than HDR’s half-ass way of using them.

Capcom on its way to fuck up yet another Street Fighter title


It is a wonder to me why the crooked legged Street Fighters are retained in the HD sprites.

[details=Spoiler]At this rate Mugen is going to have better sprites than any official Street Fighter game.


Ah crap it really is Switch exclusive!!!


Really hoping it doesn’t stay that way…

It’s still gotta be better than any version of SF5

I’m looking forward to play SF2 again

SF5 is probably the speed they’re aiming for in fact. Snails. :c

Does it even matter? At this point in time, based on what we know so far, it’s never going to be something people take seriously.

ST with throw teching? /smh

If people couldn’t take HDR seriously because “not every matchup needs to be 5-5” -Damdai, then no. People aren’t going to take Ultra seriously with throw teching, easier combo timing, and slower speeds.

This aims on improvement aesthetically and if they ever want it to expand traditional ST like SNK’s expansion treatment with KOF99, KOF2k2 and KOf98.

My Thoughts Regarding USF2.

-For Evil Ryu and Violent Ken

[] The naming in character select and under the life gauge was too long, They should shorten the naming like they did what did with E. Honda
] I hope both characters could be challengers in Arcade mode.
[] V.Ken’s Win pose isn’t looking Violent, He should have his own individual unique character win pose.
] Kens super move should be “dashing” sprites instead of regular walking sprites.

SF2 animated movie has interesting intro Ken of throwing a cape, it can used Bison’s in-game cape sprites. Many have been doing this idea because it brings back a nostalgic feel.

SF2 WW, CE, HF, Revival and HD Remix was made with more strong solid colors which is different to the likes of ST, Hyper and SSF that are designed to be more pantone and lighter hue colors from stages, fonts and character select.

Other characters inspired by previous games that doesn’t require sprite editing or just minor frankenstein sprite editing. Some requires only tweaks on hitboxes, hitcollision and hitdetection,

-New Shadaloo

[] Final Bison - with SF4/SFA Teleport, WW Scissors and WW Psycho Crusher (SFA tribute)
] Angry Scar Sagat - with WW Uppercut and Faster Tiger Shots (SF4 tribute)
[] Revenging/Fallen Vega - with WW Wall crawl (Cannon Spike)
] Uber Balrog - Invincible WW Turn Punch and has better damage in normals
[*] Mech Gief - Blue flame and a different angle lariat (no super armor)

Seriously, the only addition that really matters is an original mode with arcade perfect ST.

Even if Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is exclusive to the Switch, Ultra Street Fighter 2 Turbo can’t be far behind. However, honestly you are likely just better off playing the World Warriors in Capcom vs SNK 2 under strict rules.

Hopefully there would be a classic mode that should be a staple, because it’s the only thing that would satisfy the hardcore ST gamers.

Um, the original mode in Ultra SFII just changes the visuals. It still keeps all the balance changes and stupid shit Capcom made to the main game

Maybe when Ultra SF2 Turbo comes out for Steam and PS4, we’ll get annual balance updates. XD